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11/27/2004 c8 22Isis of Egypt
I really like your writing. I read ├ľne Day More" too, and I hope I get too read tons and tons of woderful writing from you.

This story was... I've never read anything like this. Of course, there are lots of apocalypsis stories and lots of I'm-gonna-die-tomorrow stories, where characters go and find their lost loves...

But this one was different. And I really liked it. You ended it so well. It seems to me that you are really good at ending stories, right?

"It was right then, the moment before Eva's eyes closed forever, that she remembered today was the first day of spring."

Wonderful. And the poem in the end... was really good too... I think I'm gonna save it into my comp... You wouldn't mind, would you?

Now I'm going to apologize for all spelling and grammar mistakes that are here somewhere 'cause English isn'tmy first laguage and it's not very good either.
2/24/2004 c8 WiltedBlackRose
Please add more to One Day More!
2/15/2004 c8 7vanderhall
wo. Amazing. I love it. A wonderful ending - "...that she remembered today was the first day of spring." Beautiful. *applauds* I loved this.
2/14/2004 c4 vanderhall
Another great chapter. And I love the way you always end things... you do it so well. The end of this one, with the lesson, is masterful. I love it. Keep it comin, girl.
2/14/2004 c3 vanderhall
ooh, good start. And a great idea to write about. I wonder what I'd do if I only had three days to live... I loved the last line of the third chapter. It ended it beautifully. Update soon? ~V
6/18/2003 c1 30quietdrama22
This is a sort of confusing chapter, but it is still good. As usual, I dont know what to write, though I get it and it is a good story, but I am at a loss of words.

All I can say is keep writing, you do have talent.

: )
6/7/2003 c1 Steppenwoelfin
OOh, special! Interesting topic, and a very nice mix of prose and poetry. Nice message, too, but rather utopic, I suppose *sigh*...

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