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6/18/2003 c10 10LPScissorhands
i'm lovin' these outcomes! i can't wait until you update!
6/18/2003 c10 FamousOneLiners
i love this story, and two guys falling for nicole! she sux ::sigh::, lol, anyways i hope she ends up with jake ,and update soon!
6/18/2003 c9 jULiA
*still chanting: IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!* *chucks Nicole out the window* *screams at her to find a brain* ah, jake's ok i guess. i think that explains everything i need 2 comment on about this chappy.
6/18/2003 c10 3Lizzy2
6/18/2003 c10 1Nikki5

poor jake

and ugh will jesse and nichole ever get together! lol

oi can't wait to see what happens next!

update soon please

and sorry about your wisdowm teeth ouch
6/18/2003 c10 JazzeeT
so is she leaning towards jake. it seems that way since he is the underdog and is the sweet and sensitive type who happens to look hot. i hope that she isnt liking him because he 'loves' her. nice chapter i get to see progress although im a little confuse as to whether her heart or head makes desicions for her. I want jesse you know he seems so sweet you know the bad boy who is mistaken for a lady's man and you hope that yu are the one that can change him well suppose nicole is the one after he does feel something for her but he bottles it and shares it with no one. but then you make jake soo hard to say i want jesse. this is hard. i am afraid of the ending.ps i know im rambling i tend to do that at times.

6/18/2003 c10 17shadowgirl618
dang. from what billy said, nicole should go for jake. but see jake seems sorta sensitive and nicole has liked jesse longer. i like both names they both start with J but ya know, i really can't choose. they're both just so...*sighs dreamily*...*hits book upside of head* OW! Okay needed to wake up there. but please please PLEASE update soon!

6/18/2003 c10 beautifuletdown
Good chapter, and I like Billy better as the "boy next door". At least someone called Nicole up on her oblivious-ness (that's not a word lol)
6/18/2003 c9 beautifuletdown
idiot, idiot, idot. Lol, you A/N's make me laugh. I have a twisted sense of humor, thats unique to me:) Good chapter! Keep going! Jake is so sweet. We need more Jake's in this world. I know way too many male jerks for my own good. My vote stays on Jake!
6/18/2003 c9 1Nikki5

can't wait to see what happens next

update soon please
6/18/2003 c9 5MandyHubbard
Hey, I like how this is going! A lot of authors on here will try to intro a new character, and it's like they completely forget teh original path of the story. WIht you, you add a new one, but Nicole doens't forget about Jesse, she jsut starts liking Jake too, so its totally believable, its like real life.

Great Chapter.

6/18/2003 c5 1Princess Sara
eckles! *hits li...i mean nicole on head* hehe...i know i mean...u already kno wut i am going to say... :D...*grins evily*...JAKE JAKE JAKE!hehe i not lettingu get away with this one :D...okies i done...bugabye and keep writing!

6/18/2003 c9 14L.N.Y. Wun
1...2...where's 3? Come on, let's just find an apartment buliding and haul her off! It's turning out great!
6/18/2003 c9 3Lizzy2
So very good, as usual
6/18/2003 c9 JazzeeT
have i told you you that you are evil. i thought that nicole had enough problems with her girlfriends and jesse but now jake and *billy?* are you purposefully making it hard for us to choose between these guys. You make us want jesse cause he is the bad/good guy that every girl wants and jake is like the underdog of the whole story being the sweet sensitive type kinda like ryan on the bachelorette and billy im not sure if there are romantic feelings there but he seems like the cliche boy next door/best frend. This so hard i feel that by choosing one guy im betraying the other. You are a truly great writer esp if you have me wrapped up in this story. I love it and you say it wasnt planned. Ill be here by my laptop waiting for the next update...which will be hopefully *soon* hint hint j/k

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