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12/6/2003 c1 kat
A/Ns are SO distracting...just put an asterisk and put the note later. And P.S., we non-musicians know what the Twinkle variations are. And if we don't, we can figure out what you mean. If you were writing a novel, would you put a A/N for that? No.
11/30/2003 c16 10talesoftrepidation
i think that billy is by far the coolest dude, yo. very cool, very sweet, and uh, i suppose good looking.
i'm glad she got with jake. i think that jesse was somewhat a jerk. he shouldn't have done all that nonsensical flirting. bad him! yeah, and jake is far cooler and more deserving. good choice...
i wonder how it will turn out for you? will pick the right guy. i think nicole would've been fine with billy too. heh, hey, at her school, they all seem hott, so why not?
good stuff.
11/30/2003 c4 talesoftrepidation
maybe you will answer some of my questions, no?
if this is a real story, did you ask him what he was thinking while all of this happened? or did you just make that stuff up...hm...
these chapters seem to be getting shorter and shorter and stuff. well, i guess i will just have to finish up...
11/30/2003 c3 talesoftrepidation
how curious. very obsessive. haha, sounds like something someone *ahemmeahem* i know would do.
the exclamation marks are a little offsetting, though, cuz you're wrapped up in this whole love-deal and then they're like "!" and you get confused for a second before you're back on track. so if you ever re-write this, you know, kind of...get rid of some.
otherwise, i am on for more reading.
11/29/2003 c2 talesoftrepidation
i like this chick. coolio. i was scared she'd give in to mr. macho over there (not the one who ran over her, the dude who tried to kiss her, yo)
laura and her are what i woudl call very cool friends that should most definitely exist more often. they stay together even over stupid guys (no offense to guys, just...girl end up in way stupid fights over them)
i will read more. but for now, i must disappear.
11/29/2003 c1 talesoftrepidation
let's see, can i say...I LIKE THIS ONE TOO! okay, i wanted to review just so you knew that i was reading. doopedoo, i will keep reading.
10/19/2003 c16 3kat6528
This is a great story.
10/7/2003 c17 3Prowling Muse
I'm so happy that Nicole and Jake got their happy ending...

I'm sure that Jesse will find his someday. Whether he wants to or not...


Lol. This time, I can't! And he sounds so yummy...

^.^ I've got my happy ending. *drags poor boyfriend away with her*

Okay... next story then?
10/7/2003 c15 Prowling Muse
O_O Whoa there! This is not a sad chapter! What's sad is that you didn't pay more attention to my name.

;_; I was dumped first.



Kidding. K. Next chapter. Right.
10/5/2003 c13 Prowling Muse

[am screaming from a distant mountain, holed up and away from the nearest Internet]

I'm so sorry that I missed out on this chapter. Argh. K. Gonna go and read the next.
9/23/2003 c17 2mysticgrl98
I really liked ur story...the plot was really cool and i was suprised she went with jake at first. Both jake and jesse sound hott. lol good work

9/14/2003 c16 AltoidMonkey
I really liked this story, and I think that it would be kickass if you could write Billy's story...hee hee with help from the peanut gallery!
9/1/2003 c16 5Hotoko
Sorry i forgot to put add to favoite soreies list. I forgot @_@ i was too happy writing the review. Idiotic me!

9/1/2003 c17 Hotoko
I LOVE THIS story! *Sniffle* *Whipes tear away* I finished! So happy. I'm going to add it on my favorite stoies list, and i'm going to check out ur other stories! I'm not even going to ask you to read mine, they're not as good. *whimpers*

9/1/2003 c2 Hotoko
I love the plot. Put what an injury...*Shudders* i would hate for that to happen to me. i've only gotten blisters. Nvm about that.

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