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6/29/2003 c16 2break me boy -x
EEP! I'm sad that it's over, but it was great! Good short story. Glad she ended up with Jake. Not talking in complete sentences. XD
6/29/2003 c16 FamousOneLiners
wow, so it has ended nicely, i like it but i have this thing for bad endings! anyways, hope u rite somethin new
6/29/2003 c13 FamousOneLiners
woo hoo, i finished hp too, it kicked literary ass, and screw age, im glad u have updated , and i honestly didnt think id like a story with a premise of a girl who has the two boy problem situation. but surprisingly its keepin me readin
6/29/2003 c16 beautifuletdown
lol, the 'stupidity in action' line was awesome. Very great chapter, with lots of Billy in it too:)If I ever get a good idea for a spinoff I'll let you know . . . but if you make one tell me! The ending was great, very sweet and closes everything. Jake sounds amazing. I'll miss the story though:(
6/29/2003 c16 7katelyn devaney
GREAT! lol as always;) lol you way underestimate your chaos:) lol...yeah billy is really cool:) i like his character alot...poor jesse but go jake! hehe...very cute:) and it wasn't too sappy;) lolgreat chap girl, great writing, great story great ending:) lol too cool girl:)anxiously awaiting more to cu now:) lol love you too:) ttyl:)

your forever friend, fan, and fellow author,

6/29/2003 c15 10LPScissorhands
ah! i'm going to cry! it's hard to say what's better, jake or jesse, but hell it was so sad, but so good nonetheless!
6/29/2003 c15 14L.N.Y. Wun
*sob* That was so sad...It would have been hard for me to write a chapter like this without feeling sad...
6/29/2003 c13 L.N.Y. Wun
Woohoo! there's some action!
6/29/2003 c1 16kaika switched
I always start reading at the worst of times, so since I'm already going to be late, I figured I might as well review while I'm here. Great story so far. Jealousy can be a bitch. I really love the way you write, how everything flows so smoothly. I'll be back to catch up later. Keep writing!
6/29/2003 c15 Cara Sterling
Ah man, that was really sad... I don't have much more to say because it is 7:00 am i have to go to work, but my brain isn't functioning... Poor Jesse though, he finally admits it and she loves someone else. I admire her for telling him that though!
6/28/2003 c15 pandapotato
aw, jesse sounded so heatbroken! poor him. :(. But atleast she was honest this time... no secrets...

Great, as always. :) Looking forward to the last chapter... and i hope your wisdom teeth dont hurt as much anymore! :)

6/28/2003 c15 1Nikki5


that was great!

really sad!

can't wait to see what'll happen

update soon!
6/28/2003 c15 beautifuletdown
You should make a spinoff for Billy's character or something lol! my favorite character isnt a main one . . . very unlike my usual choice . . .definitely sad chapter. Glad she's with jake, even though he's a wee bit, uh, sensitive. I'll be sad when it all ends:(
6/28/2003 c15 4luckynumba7
NO! You are so mean! I can't believe you made her hurt Jesse and go for the wimpy boy! LOL but *sniffs* i can't believe you did that to me! But.. hey i was kiddin bout the story thingy! I don't care really! It aint no thang! LOL Cuz i forgot to put you and tons of other stories that i like on my list! So i have NO room to be whining LOL But i feel SO special that you dedicated the chapter to me! I feel like a movie star! LOL but thank you so much. And hey i have you on author alert too! BAD CHAPTER! lol just kidding it was good. Keep up the good work! I feel so bad for Jesse. But hey! Tell him i'm free Friday night ok *winks* thanks a bunches! I LOVE YOU!

love your most favorite person in the whole wide world...


P.S. Sorry i am really hyper and i said LOL a lot... i know you think i'm weird but hey! I am! See you later!
6/28/2003 c15 PinkPanther18
Aw! Poor Jesse! o well, I like Jake better anyway!hehe! update soon!
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