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for Control

6/18/2003 c1 71QueenOfTheUniverse
wow! That's one awesome story there! Great work!
6/8/2003 c1 3Pallas Wolf
This echoed very faintly of Lovecraft; nicely written (and quite creepy). There were a /few/ (scant few, that is) grammatical errors, but not many.
6/6/2003 c1 9The Grey Ghoul
Well. I didn't know women could wield such power...It's good to know though. The story was good. You have talent. No doubt. But there are some changes that need to be made. Like, there is a show of humor in places of deep distress or great emotion. And his remorse over Lynn's disappearance was not quite consistent. However. The title got my control and the first paragraph only led to the next and that to the next. A good, short and sweet read!

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