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6/10/2003 c10 Baby Milo
Wow! This is really good!
6/10/2003 c10 JazzeeT
wow. its about time this happened! Thanx for the update. So now that they are together you def cant keep us in suspense anymore so update soon
6/9/2003 c9 luckynumba7 2 lazy to sign in
i really liked that chapter! Hope you update soon! John is such a guy! Why doesn't he just tell her why he slept with that chick and that he thought she was sleeping with that one dude! Geez they need to get this worked out!



6/9/2003 c8 4luckynumba7
Man he just isn't having the greatest day is he? He was totally being a guy! LOL always jumping to conclusions and then not even thinking about anything just doing whatever he wanted. tsk tsk tsk. Thanks for reviewing my story and i really like this one! I updated if you want to read it! Thanks

6/9/2003 c8 GoogleCorelli
OOh i really like this! please updater soon-dont keep me waiting!
6/9/2003 c7 3monadoll
that is the exact thing i don't like! i hate it when a girl turns out to be like that and the more i read on, john seems to be a sissy... sorry! but this is how i feel after this chapter. that's it. but i'll still keep on reading and hoping it would get better..
6/8/2003 c7 4luckynumba7
o suspense! I like! But not for long! If you don't update i may have to resort for violence! and we know you wouldn't like that! LOL i really like it please update soon. Thanks

6/8/2003 c7 JazzeeT
are u purposely leading us on because i really hope that is all it is a lead on. Dandridge and Lara eeww, whats next the grandfather arranged a marriage between them. Anyway, cool update you def have me wanting for me. Update soon
6/8/2003 c2 beautifuletdown
i havent had a chance to read it all yet, but what i've read is really intriguing! cant wait to read more:)
6/8/2003 c6 25faery tragedy
I liked the romance and humour in your recent chapter! The mention of Spice Girls really got me going. The end was so fluffy and good. You described the kiss really well. Nice job!

*Faery Tragedy
6/8/2003 c6 3monadoll
go john! go lara! yayy! finally..

this is a very good chapter...especially the ending..;D

write more.ok.
6/7/2003 c1 1Animeboy2002
Very good i love it! it's very good. please, write more!
6/7/2003 c5 25faery tragedy
I'm impressed by how smooth and entertaining this story is! Your characters are great, with lots of diversity. I'm not used to reading modern romance fics, but my first taste of one was more than decent! You carried your characters well, I think. My favourite line was:

Not the type of person to be picked up by some cheesy one liner.

Because it really showed Lara's personality in one sentence.

The only problem I can see is a few typos here and there. But other than that, this is definently a good read! Keep writing.

*Faery Tragedy
6/7/2003 c4 Freaky Deaky Dutch
Good job laralie, except i thought that they were dealing with a "jack the ripper type case" instead of a robbery? but anyway, KEEP WRITING!
6/7/2003 c4 3monadoll
whoa! ease up now... i hope that there's nothing going on between lara and that dandridge guy..i don't like him. it's a really gool story.
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