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5/25/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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3/6/2010 c22 Hive
I love this story! Please update it regularly, I want to read the end of it!
11/16/2009 c1 1yhostrighter
Wow, that was great. great characters. The dialog already seems so natural. can't wait to read more.
3/16/2009 c22 6DevilMayCare101
I noticed that you haven't updated in a while and I wondering if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the story! I really want to know what happens!
1/1/2009 c1 102firemounrain
Nice sense of humor... And I like the names, too. They seem appropriate to the setting.
10/28/2007 c2 4au-d
there is a nice flow here, i enjoyed the banter between the characters. merick was a terrible spoil-sport. i enjoyed the action of the fight and found that i could follow along with it for the most part.

keep up the good work :]
12/11/2006 c22 AllanHollow
Nice story. I really like it. Update soon! :)

4/23/2005 c22 14biminator
nice chapter. can't wait to see if it's possible to take the tracker off. update soon!
3/31/2005 c22 CommanderValeria
It's been awhile since I've read this but I'm all caught up now. I really like this story and I absolutly love Morgan. She's got such a well developed personality. Good job. Update soon.
3/31/2005 c1 4animalwriter
Wow, that first chapter was cool! I'll come back and read some more later.
3/30/2005 c22 Uncle-Al2
This is a great story and your characters are well-defined. I like the banter between the Captain and his co, but I feel you use too much secret language between them. I know that in reality people together for a long time develop a private way of communication, but it's getting in the way of the story. If you use a secret phrase, define it, unless it's absolutely clear by context. Don't make too many assumptions.On another note, why don't the good guys find a way of telling everyone what the bad guys have done? For what purpose are they sneaking around? Once the news is spread, things can be done with a little less hypertension. Please continue updating, thanks for sharing!
12/12/2004 c21 14biminator
::fake nice tone:: aw. so cute.

anyway, nice job. you finally updated! looking forward to the next one.
12/4/2004 c21 1solocommand
bs you cant write a good romantic scene!I like. i like a lot. morgan should kick garett's ass. :P
12/4/2004 c21 PopcornandGreenery
Excelente! Muy importante!

Really, I have no idea why but that phrase just sounds so cool in a Spanish accent, even though it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.It's just fun to say, I guess.

Heh, watch this review turn into an email. Too bad you can't reply through reviews. I watched Peacekeep Wars again last night, but only the second half. I cried. Poor D'argo. *sniff*

Ok, I'm probably wasting your time.

Choose Life,Katie
8/24/2004 c1 kamui-kun
Hi! I'm mostly a manga/action/fantasy reader but I think it's about time to broaden my idea on literature genres. Anyway, this really seems to be an interesting find. Usually I read of swords and martial arts but now I find a world filled with space ships and guns... and that's a welcome change. I definitely love your main character Morgan. Hell, I love all kick ass chicks! But I'm more intrigued by this Merick fella. Although he seems to be a pacifist, I feel that he could throw his weight around when needed. Cool start with the barfight! It describes your characters well. I dunno if the others are as permanent as the two I've mentioned; nevertheless, I'll keep an eye out for them. Good start! =)
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