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6/19/2004 c15 4MiroFTW
ahh an action scene. it came at the right timing also but i still think that rekker wouldn't be as gullible to fall into the trap that merick had deceived.. if anything, he would've just sent a search party to check the room.
im getting tired but im also finished! bwahaha.. two more chapters to go
6/19/2004 c14 MiroFTW
uh i thought that Rekker would've overheard Morgan and Merick's conversation in the apartment... I mean you wrote that Reker did have the place wired, and they did disclose the fact that they hid it in some kind of ice storage or what not... so why would he need to ask them?
a bit lost but moving on...
6/19/2004 c13 MiroFTW
uhm i dont think it's the wisest choice to be discussing a plan against an enemy when you're within his boundary..
the room must've been wired or something... the suspense builds. onto the next chapter.
6/19/2004 c12 MiroFTW
another nice and brief chapter. excellent dialogue and your pacing is superb.
for some reason, there's more to these apartments than suspected.. i think that something is definitely going to go down in there and they'll get captured eventually... but that's only my prediction... time to see how things turn out :D
6/19/2004 c11 MiroFTW
morgan and merrick 'double cross' him but it's really a part of their plans to lure him into some other kind of plan the two of them have conceived together.
my thoughts only but im pretty sure that's what's going to happen. or not. i'm stil waiting to be surprised :P
6/19/2004 c10 MiroFTW
you've definitely got the sci-fi jargon to back up your writing and it's coming along nicely. this explains a few of the mysteries but i'm still waiting to be impressed by something bigger.
there's gotta be some sort of conspiracy or something out there... right? :D
6/19/2004 c9 MiroFTW
evil little cliffhanger at the end but luckily for me, i can read on! :D
good chapter and again, spectacular writing. i really think that you can make this into an action series if you wanted to because although you already have 9 chapters, the story is slow and it would make a perfect episode for some kind of running action series.
anyways, just an honest thought. onto the next chapter...
6/19/2004 c8 MiroFTW
i was right about braiden being a scientist but again as i said, for him being a man wanted by an 'evil' corporation, he seems to be taking himself lightly. you'd think he would be a bit more paranoid but i will that up to you.
as far as i can tell, he seems innocent but he talked... too easily. it'd be great if you threw in a plot twist somewhere in there and maybe that would explain some of the 'mistakes' that Braiden had taken.
6/19/2004 c7 MiroFTW
hm so they ARE just bounty hunters working for some big corporation. okay... now the thing that gets me is that why isnt this braiden guy extremely paranoid. for a guy with a bounty on his head. you'd think he might go under a false alias and hide out in a place where he wont easily be ratted out.
but he seems more like the innocent scientist sort of person, in which case he might just be green about stuff like this.
nonetheless, a good chapter and a quick read. im determined to finish this story by tonight :D
6/19/2004 c6 MiroFTW
it occured to me that you've never explained who merick and morgan work for... the story could be told more about two agents working for an agency trying to track down a wanted man..
an agency could be cool but if they operate freelance (and it seems they do) how do they make a living? off bounties? just wondering... :D
6/19/2004 c5 MiroFTW
the captain and co-pilot relationship continues to brew more intimately than I suspected.
one thing i noticed (because sometimes i do this too) why do we measure distance in increments of time? ie...
“How long is it to Olvidan now?” she asked after a few minutes and a half a dozen bites of taben bread and stew.
Merick checked his chrono. “Twelve hours. Enough time to get some sleep before we land.”
just a thought :D
6/19/2004 c4 MiroFTW
quick short chapter. your grammer is spotless as far as i can tell...
uhm now about the italics, because the "Sky Claw" could use it. it really depends on what type of document you are using to write your chapter in. if you use notepad, you can use html and just simply put around the selected word, but if you're using MS word, i dont think you can use it.
onto to the next chapter... :D
6/19/2004 c3 MiroFTW
Merick seems more and more like Morgan's guardian, like a father or older brother type figure, rather than a captain. I see this story is gradually turning into a bounter hunter type story and I'm loving it. I duno if you've ever watched the anime series, Cowboy Bebop, but these two really remind of Faye and Jet, except here they work as partners.
Chapter was nice, short and to the point and I'll stop ranting now. :P Next chapter, here I come...
6/19/2004 c2 MiroFTW
ah an interesting second chapter. morgan seems like the spunky kind of female to me; someone who knows how to talk trash and defend it. the story is shining so far but to be totally honest, i don't see how a necklace could inspire so much curiosity in one sitting. maybe if they went back to the ship and discovered it, maybe then i could understand but it just seemed odd to me.
anyways, i'll shut up for now and continue reading the other chapters :D
6/18/2004 c17 25Master Chief
No. Just when things were starting to get really good. I'm not too sure about the whole "allowing themselves to get caught in the apartment" thing was part of a plan, and it doesn't fit. If Rekker was listening, wouldn't he have heard when Morgan and Merick were talking about the actual location of the Pulsar? At any rate, there's no harm no foul there because it's leading to all of this kick ass action. I can't wait to see them bust out of there. Please update soon.
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