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for To the tearfilled world

4/7/2004 c1 29Granite Claws
Honestly, I've TRIED to write like this, first saying what's the matter with something, then saying you just can't give up on it. That's where I crash and burn, but you fly. I liked this one lots.
6/17/2003 c1 17R. W. Rae
wonderful! So sad, and yet the underlying messege of hope. Another great poem!
6/11/2003 c1 30Silverfire Starr
This is just beautiful, in a truthful way. Love it, great job!
6/7/2003 c1 3ManyManlyYams
I still like the song lyric quote usage.
6/7/2003 c1 73Exiled-Knight
that was absolutely beautiful, i love it. very deep too. Keep Writing
6/7/2003 c1 16Portalkeeper
Awesome, per usual! Love the brutal honesty and clear-cut message. You're great at getting a point across.

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