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1/17/2004 c16 3Sailor of the Prism
Don`t worry... I suck at updating and reviewing! -_-;; Darn my lazyness...
9/23/2003 c15 Sailor of the Prism
No problem, I love reading your poems! And it`s ok if you don`t update, I take longer myself to update my fics on FF.net! ^^;;
7/10/2003 c14 Sailor of the Prism
Dragons? COOL! No, I haven`t found out who died. I really want to know though!
6/26/2003 c13 Sailor of the Prism
I want to know who dies! I`ve also been reading the 5th Harry Potter book! And I like to take my time reading. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO DIED BUT ME! But I shall find out on my own. The best thing is that I have two of that book! One from my family and one from (long time no see) Granma.
6/20/2003 c12 Sailor of the Prism
I don`t know how either. I keep wondering what her middle name is! You are a fast writer! But I`m also a fast reviewer! ^_^
6/19/2003 c11 Sailor of the Prism
Elves! They are SO cute!

Goddesses of the Sun and Moon, I do wonder what her middle name is. Was she born on Monday?(Or you?) The day of the moon. I was! ^_^ Sunday`s the day of the sun.(surprise, surprise!)
6/17/2003 c10 Sailor of the Prism
Oh, that kind of *bad*. I didn`t know THAT kind of bad! You can call me Breanna if you want to. Or Sailor of the Prism. Doesn`t matter.
6/16/2003 c9 Sailor of the Prism
What do you mean a little bad? NONE of your chapters are bad too me! I can`t wait till next chapter! I didn`t know you liked "Simple and Clean"! It`s like my Favorite song! I`m SO stupid, aren`t I? You asked me if I knew any Utada Hikaru's songs in your e-mail, might I add that I`m writing! XP
6/16/2003 c8 Sailor of the Prism
Speaking of songs, have you ever herd "Bring me to life" by Evanescence? One of my favorite songs! Another of my favorite songs is "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru. Maybe you can put some of these in your story!
6/15/2003 c7 Sailor of the Prism
Yup! I got your e-mail! I`ll sent you one as soon as I write it, O.K.?
6/14/2003 c6 Sailor of the Prism
Maria and AAron siting ina tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

Is AAron in YOUR dreams too? Does Maria represent you in any way but names?
6/12/2003 c5 Sailor of the Prism
That song was Japanese, right? I`m all for Japanese! I`m not Japanese though, just dive people mad talking that way! I`m loyal all the way!

That guy, that knocked Maria out, did he know it`s rude to hit girl, and you can get really BAD luck if you do? If you don`t belive me ask my enemy Dylan! ^_^ He didn`t hit me, he hit a girl younger then him! MAN! Can`t live with them, can`t live without them!
6/12/2003 c4 Sailor of the Prism
You bet I liked this chapter! I`m a loyal Reviewer! And that`s how I`ll stay! But what did that dream mean? Does it man she`s in love? Or she`s going to die?
6/9/2003 c3 Sailor of the Prism
^_^ Thanks! I`ll tell you what, I`ll try to get more reviewers for you!(in my next story or poem) Is that women a protecter for them? Or just get their trust and then betray them? I wonder.
6/8/2003 c2 Sailor of the Prism
It`s not confusing. Well not to me anyway! But I do wonder what the quest is! I think you should get ALOT more reviews for this story!
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