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8/24/2003 c1 GoodbyeDeleteThisPage
I'm going to miss you, Caun.

-Oriana Amadis
8/16/2003 c1 megs
I swear I'll hunt you down. There is *nothing* shitty about anything you do, and I personally find it an insult to my good taste when you say that poetry that I like is shitty. I'd come hunt your ass . . . but I don't have a car. Settle for a really terrifying threat. Don't know if I'll see you again, I move out on Wednesday (all the way to San Marcos). Miss you, love you, kick everyone's ass at UT.

Love, Megs
7/11/2003 c1 A

*sighs* I'm so lame...
6/24/2003 c1 157Just Another Face
Sad to see you leave, Stick with writing maybe you'll improve, I hope to see you back, even if you don't think you will be.

6/8/2003 c1 Strong Bad
I read this with the Cheat. We thought it was pretty cool. Strong Sad hated it... but we don't care about him.

To my fans, I'd just like to say I'm still wigging on that blue hair.

Oh yes... to the review, I found Shaun to be poignent and powerful in his work. However, he should come up with a cool nickname. Might I suggest 'The Yellow Dart' I'm sure Kyle Smith wouldn't mind.

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