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3/31/2014 c42 Fangirl
ahaha more?
3/31/2014 c41 Fangirl
Last line xD Thats So Funny XD "No, they're sneaky bastards, it's just safer."
4/12/2013 c6 K
Educational smut! I love it! 3
2/17/2013 c42 1113brooke
I really enjoy this story, but I'm quite disappointed that it hasn't been updated in so long. I hope that will change eventually. I've read some of your other stories and they're also quite good.
10/22/2008 c42 autumn-annette-19
Great Story
8/6/2008 c42 blackrose214
Hi there! Awesome story so far - i read in every possible seconde thte past two days and am now going to start on the next part. Keep up the grea writing! :D
6/28/2008 c42 i-see-faeries
I love this! :] It's so amusing and cute. I think I'm going to read the sequel, then go back and read Then and Now. Loves. You did a great job on this. I love everyone, although I get confused with the relatively similar names. Still, sweet story, great job.
3/29/2008 c6 H.A.G. Approved
i do crew now whenever i go im going to think of that...crap.
2/10/2007 c42 16InsanePhoenix
Oh Min gets to meet the parents, daunting. I love it so far :)
1/17/2007 c42 6the sacred night
No, not the rainbow dreds! I'll have to go into mourning now... *sniff* I guess it's a blessing he didn't need to cut them off, though.
1/17/2007 c41 the sacred night
Hehe it amuses me how when he asks for advice from Lin, Faun assumes something horrible and probably illegal has happened. I kinda like getting glimpses of the old Lin.
1/17/2007 c40 the sacred night
No, Min, don't do it! No good can come of this! Stop! Freeze!

Aw, and they got back to school without the readers getting to see any Lin/Faun lime :( Know what else would be nice at some point, if at all possible? Rain/Janet lime. I dunno how interested you or most of your readers would be in that, but I'd certainly enjoy it.
1/17/2007 c38 the sacred night
Lin not the threatening type? Not anyMORE, maybe...
1/17/2007 c37 the sacred night
Yay, finally it seems like we might get some Lin and Faun action! I've missed it.
1/17/2007 c36 the sacred night
It's kind of sweet that Nadir didn't expect anything in return. Like he wouldn't allow himself, or like he would admire Min without really ever giving in completely.
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