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for Take the Train Home

11/11/2003 c1 Laura
Wow. This is the first *ENTIRE* story I've read on FF. I've seen many other short stories and stuff, but this was definitely captivating and realistic, I never once considered taking a break from it or leaving it to read another.

All I can say is: Bravisimo!
9/20/2003 c1 7Demeter Rose
I'm not quite sure if I understand why Leah had the effect on Doug that she did, but your writing style is good. I liked the scene in the Amtrak station, you captured the humdrum feel of waiting.
9/11/2003 c1 6nynaeve77
Isn't it odd how a stranger can make such an impact? I really enjoyed this story. I felt very much for Leah. It must be awful to have to make such a choice. I also liked the fact that this was a sequel of sorts to your other story. That was cool! :-)
7/28/2003 c1 1The baava Project
I had read another of your stories, about the night Megan came to visit . . . I didn't realize you had more on the subject. I admit, the "somewhat autobiographal" has me curious, but not enough to pry any further than what you share in your writing. ^_^;;

Once again, this piece is beautifully written. Whether totally fictional, horror, or not, you have a talent for making your characters seem very real and your readers are able to relate to them. (I hate the waiting game too . . . and have people-watched just like that . . .)

I really liked Leah. And, I also liked how this particular adventure ended . . . that is something I haven't been able to do with my own father in a long time, nor do I ever think I will be strong enough (or pull my head out) to. heh

ja ne,

6/25/2003 c1 lostinscotland
well, i clicked on this, but it was long and i really didn't intend to read it all right now...my eyes are tired anyhows. but i started, and you had me sucked in just like that. nice work.

don't know a whole lot else to say about it...it was well-written, definitely captures the attention of the reader...a great piece of work. keep it up.
6/21/2003 c1 26Endless Nightmares
Hey SH-

Your one of the best horror writers on this site. But this wasn't horror at all. Its cool make a story from a different genre. I am a fan of your stories. This story was very well. I liked the charachters. Doug was a cool character.
6/8/2003 c1 41Willum
Amazingly well written piece, SH. A very real glimpse into everyday life, just as the character realizes.

So many decisions are much harder than one would think, in accordance with their beliefs, and not always easy to bare afterwards.

In the end though, it doesn't matter-life goes on no matter what path we follow.

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