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for I am Dreamer

6/16/2006 c1 58EyesAreTheWindowsToTheSoul
that was really pretty...no not pretty...beautiful, in every sence of the word...i LOVED it...
7/22/2004 c1 SM and AS
SM:aw...that sounded so cute
SM:but y DW...?
9/14/2003 c1 145dfgsfdghftgt44
Excellent poem. I think you did a brilliant job, but there's one error i caught.

The stars twinkling every do bright

That sentence doesn't sounds right at all. Other than that, this is very good. Great job!

Thanks for the review!

~Cirien Phoenix of the Eternal Phlame
9/14/2003 c1 Deathlvr
Wow, excellent, sad, creative, and supendously wondeful ^_^, please do more work like this ^_^
6/9/2003 c1 47Anjeni Windsinger
Man, this is great. I love the last stanza, perfect ending to it. Very good for a first poem :)

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