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7/4/2003 c9 flamesong688
This is so funny! Update fast!
7/4/2003 c9 2BuffLie
I just sat here and read all 9 chapters. Quite entertaining. I found..."The Oracle warned, closing Amanda's fingers around the silver strands. Amanda sighed, although it was hard to be ungrateful. "Do you have a Ziplock bag I can put this in?"" ... to be highly amusing. Yeah. Its like 1:30 in the morning. I'm losing sanity.
7/3/2003 c9 4Straw-wolf
pa-hahaha! I could not stop laughing! This is so good, and you included a whole bunch of things I read in this book I have. A travelers guide to fantasy land.

Did you ever wonder why people in the northern regions wear these skimpy little loinclothes and the desert tribes wear as much clothing as possible? hmm, there could be a cover-up there.

Anyway, keep writing!
7/3/2003 c9 9Magentian
Mwahaha! The journey awaits! No more lengthy flashbacks! ^_^ That's heartening. This chapter was, at least, better than the last two, which were starting to get... er, well, you get the picture. Now you're free to work your magic once more! And I'm free to watch. :P
7/3/2003 c1 5R.C.Polk
Try to stray away from Fantasy cliches like that. It takes away from the story in the way that it has been done a 10 times before now. I recently came to this realization that the fantasy things that I write are well..cliche ridden. It's terrible yes, but if you can make this sound and read more original it'll be awsome. Good luck!

Being Attacked by Aliens,

R.C. Polk
7/3/2003 c9 3Triana
This story had me laughing from beginning to end! I love the names, the cheesy fantasy world, the cheesy plot...and especially the way Amanda acts in response to it all.
7/3/2003 c9 Wootang
I just love mouthy Amanda can be, even if it's just in her head. I can't wait to see what Quest awaits them.

7/2/2003 c8 Snarks
*chuckles happily* You are so right, you do have to have love for your subject to write a satire and you've certainly proved that. This was absolutely hilarious, wonderful, marvelous. And you have such a knack for writing that it flows as smooth as glass. Keep it up, this is definately a favorites candidate.

6/30/2003 c8 11pennamessuck
Well, we didn't wanna review for all of your chapters because we wouldn't want to be surprised you have 8 reviews and realize it was all us. Anyway, to sum it all up, great story. We wish we had as many reviews as you. You're comin close to 70!
6/30/2003 c2 pennamessuck
Screw-Eyed Land. Funny. Still. Don't know what to write. Anyway, we've been searching for writers like you. (Writers that can actually write funny stories.) You're good!

-You know who we are.
6/30/2003 c1 pennamessuck
wow. that was pretty freakin' funny! We loved that Wynmyndynfryn thing. You make fun of fantasy chronicles perfectly! We're gonna go read the 2nd chapter now.

-Jack, Aldo, Ben, and PJ

(The Dynamic...uh...Quartet of Pennamessuck Inc.)
6/29/2003 c8 11Squirrelmistress
Finally it's all clear! The works of a *certain RANDom author* actually DO have a purpose other than as an attractively decorated set of doorstops: as apparent inspiration for the most brilliantly inspired parody to appear on fanfiction.com ever. Or at least the last month.

You win the Agoraphobic Squirrel Circle of Canberra award!
6/29/2003 c8 Orion Alai
Oh! I want to make a club now too! I'll call it the IAHAYNHBMMIAE



Great story!
6/29/2003 c8 9Magentian
Mweehe! This chapter was funnier than the last one. Keep goin'! ^_^
6/28/2003 c8 silverpen
love the story, and in honour of it, have decided not to use any capital letters in this whole review. i'm taking the view that as you are using so many, only by me not using any at all can the all-important capital-letter-balance be restored to the universe and thus prevent its untimely end. (and i'm making a huge sacrifice here, cos i love capital letters, and missing them out physically hurts me.) ok, am talking complete crap, so on with the review.

you have managed to write satirically (which i don't think is a) a word and b) spelt like that, but never mind) without going over the top, and what you've written so far is very funny. more quickly please!
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