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6/14/2003 c2 3naughty little munchkin
ok, back again. but this time in my BROTHER'S laptop. hehehe, finished with one so oved on the another... n e way...

if i didn't say it in my first review, this is a fantastic mockery of fantasy writing! its so witty and so enjoyable. luv the entrance of the 'MSF'. there ALWAYS has to be a MSF! lol! good job. true about the Chosen's being marked as well. hehehe, i feel a bit sheepish now, mainly cos it sounds as if u've read one of my stories (which happens to be typical fantasy btw) and are now stripping it bare! lol! full of goddesses, chosen ones and whatnot.

n e way, keep up the good work... am thinking that i'm about to be kicked of THIS laptop as well. ah well.

lotsa luv, nadia :P
6/14/2003 c1 naughty little munchkin
hey there!

well! i can certainly say that the first chapter/prologue definitely lived up to its name! lol!

this, so far, is so funny! its really witty and definitely emphasises the 'overly obvious' stuff in most fantasy stories... me being a preferred writer of them :) u have a great sense of humour, which works very well in the style of this story. but the only thing i'd have to criticise (and i usually hate criticising stories... but yeah, n e how) is how there a some things ... well, that just don't seem necessary. like, they are a TAD overdone. for instance:

'parents called him Eric the Ever-Lovin' Bobo Bean... etc'

i THINK it could be done without. but hey, that's just my opinion. but if u're seeking for things to tone down upon... i recommend that particular phrase to cut out. But otherwise, this story is fabulous!

i'd luv to review more, but unfortunately this is my sister's laptop and she's kicking me off in order to play a game. bugger.

n e way, keep up the fantastic work and hope to read more of it soon! (perhaps tomorrow :P)

lotsa luv, nadia :P

ps - this DEFINITELY made it to my favourites list! lol!
6/13/2003 c4 18Bubblewrapped
OMG this is hilarious! I am really enjoying it so far - please continue ASAP! I especially like the way that cliches just keep coming. I've some across so many cliches in fantasy stories (on this site and in published books) that I'm developing quite an affection for them. Its nice to find a story that blatantly enjoys its cliches ;)

Keep writing!
6/13/2003 c3 4Shades of Twilight
oh gods, it's so ridiculous, it's histerical! I love the shopping list part especially, "check" hahaha. Your little notes in the parenthesis crack me up. I love the story, update soon!

6/12/2003 c1 6Darling
Hum. This reminds me a bit of Douglas Adams, especially his Hitchhiker books. Have you read them?
6/12/2003 c3 Mr. Ray
ROFL, this is great! Somebody's been reading a bit too much Pratchett I think...

Might I suggest parodying (however you spell it) the landscape rather than just the characters and their personalities, since I expect you could do a lot with it.

I'm looking forward to future chapters. :)
6/12/2003 c3 11Megx
Wow...that was funny as heck. I don't know, I have been addicted to parodies lately...probably fictionpress.net overkill or something. Anyway, good job. Funny!
6/12/2003 c2 50Rai Kamishiro
Lovely, lovely, LOVELY way of mockery! I am utterly delighted, and much to my charign find my self laughing like a senile old witch in a old english moor.

Which is a dreadful comparison as I wouldn't look anywhere near as pleasant as the witch would in a moldy black dress, but that's beside the point.

Oh I do hope you'll continue with this satire.

Rai Kamishiro
6/11/2003 c2 6Ranxjulia
This story is way funny!
6/11/2003 c2 12Naamela
I LOVE PARODIES! Yours is no exception! And I especially like how this chapter ends. Write more. I'm recommending this story to my bestest fwiend. May the gods of evil marshmallows keep you always in their favor-abee mo foof,

Scotia Li
6/11/2003 c2 4Shades of Twilight
holy frijoles, you update quick! the chap's great, poor amanda, but hey, she just may end up with the hunky MSF! I love your writting, i keep cracking up randomly. I think i said this before, but you nail the Mary-Sue-ish plot line perfectly. Anywho, keep up the good work!

6/11/2003 c2 7ubercognito
First of all, let me congratulate you on your brilliant mockery of the fantasy genre. My Gyad, this is brilliant. So perfect. I think you could add a couple of ™s in it - i.e. "We must save the world from the Evil Villain™, Lord Epic Vampire!". I love this, and I love YOU.

Mwa ha ha.
6/11/2003 c1 4Shades of Twilight
hahahahaha! this is fantastic! i like your Over Use Of Capital Letters. It's funny and fits every stereotypical fantasy perfectly. If anyone gets offended, screw 'em! If we cant laugh at ours selves, then who can we laugh at? anyway, update soon!

6/10/2003 c1 to lazy to login kelyn
sounds interesting...a bit confusing...looks like it will be good! :Þ

6/9/2003 c1 8Nyaa
This looks very promising, in true animagess style... ^_^
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