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2/2/2004 c16 5ValaneyValaun
Oh my god, Animagess. You are my favorite.
This is hilarious! I Loves it. Sorry it took me so long to review; I'm slow with the reading.
1/29/2004 c16 1Kaol
one thing first about that person who you mentioned last time who made that crappy review: they can go fuck themselves. this story keks ass.
^_^ i have to say that this is one of the funniest stories i've ever read. only a few match it, and i forget their names besides.
there's quite a few stories that are a joke on fantasy, but in your story, the WORDING is amusing. it's not just what happens, but you say it in a very amusing way.
^^ this is going in my favs.
1/24/2004 c16 7nanima
'"Everyone has a Character Bio within them," she said, poetically.' Truly great. And capitalizing 'Prepared' was unexpected (somehow...), and fantastic. Hahahahahaha! "The Objects Which Might Destroy Him Forever"? Hahahaha! That's too perfect! That's right. While Cildrum and the DCF were merely displeased at the mishap, the Dark Lord would be VERY DISPLEASED! *chokes on laughter* Er...anyway...I really hope this isn't the last chapter...*checks*...lala-*twitches at the realization that it is, in fact, the last chapter thus far* NO! So...update, please! ^_^ And I apologize again for my apparent (and quite inherent) weirdness. I blame recessive genes.
1/24/2004 c15 nanima
The character bio was perfectly placed! It had the utmost effect *nods convincingly*. And the thing in the end about how if Jharva had been at all ugly, they would have killed him...Very very very hitting the nail on the head there. You are awesome *bows*.
1/24/2004 c14 nanima
I love Mordasma's reoccuring line of *I AM VERY DISPLEASED!* Very nice touch. ^_^
1/24/2004 c13 nanima
Yes, I am a minion...So? Anyway, good chapter, I like the fact that they don't ever kill Cildrum, they let him live (which is what happens a lot in 'serious' stories). You'd think in those 'serious' tales of massive questing and great heroicism they would have at least an ounce of common sense...Or even a gram would be handy. Well, whatever. You've captured the flaws of fantasy perfectly. It's awesome.
1/24/2004 c12 nanima
"Eric the Ever-Lovin' Bobo Bean" man, I forgot all about that. Really, really cracked me up. Thank god no one is home, otherwise I would have surely met an untimely demise ("For the love of God, be quiet!" *throws shoe* yeah, that's how it is).
1/24/2004 c11 nanima
Hahahaha! The Day of the Eye! Of the Leaf! Hah! And the cloaked figures return! Yes!
1/24/2004 c10 nanima
"...their vast arsenals of pointy harmful objects." I love the way you word things! So funny. You're awesome, and I can't wait long enough for the next chapter to write an adequate review, so this'll have to do (oh, God, I rhymed *attempts to purge herself*)
1/24/2004 c9 nanima
'"Ah, yes. You have arrived, Chosen One..." said The Oracle. Amanda pretended to faint again.' That part really cracked me up. I could just picture it in my head, you know? (I know, I'm weird, but at least I'm reviewing, right?) Also, the whole "Now that's foreshadowing." thing was funny. I love it how you denote the foreshadows. And the Dark Lord of Darkness...it makes me chuckle every time I read that. Anyway...next chapter! *skips off*
1/24/2004 c8 nanima
Hehe...the rising level of stupidity indeed. I love it. ^_^ You are very good at making fun of stuff. There's a living in that, you know. Somewhere...
1/24/2004 c7 nanima
1/24/2004 c6 nanima
Heehee! I love how they always say all the titles and whatnot that comes with their names. Very funny (and very fantasy-esque too).
1/24/2004 c5 nanima
Whee! Good chapter. I like the bit about Amy Thurmble. Very funny! ^_^
1/24/2004 c4 nanima
I love the way you refer to the mysterious strangers as "it"s. It really adds to the hilarity. Oh, and the Explosive Monkey...hahaha! I cracked up so much that my next door neighbor was staring at me through the window, with an expression that clearly stated, "What the hell is wrong with her? She should be dead! Damn, foiled again..." Er...anyway, I'm getting a little weird. Forgive me in advance for any more weirdness to follow.
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