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1/24/2004 c3 7nanima
Hahahahahaha! The description was priceless! And the checklist-hahahahaha! I only noticed one error: "But the Oracle had specifically gave him..." should have been "...given him..." So, yeah. That's all, and I hope I didn't offend you! I just like it when my reviewers tell me when I make mistakes, so I do it when I review (it's the whole karma thing...). Anyway...there are other chapters to be read...
1/24/2004 c2 nanima
Hahahaha 'Mean People' being capitalized! That's great. Not only is it great, it is truly ingenious. Okay...I'm done...
1/24/2004 c1 nanima
Hahahahaha! That was SO FUNNY! Hahahahaha! Well, I'm gonna go onto the next chapter now.
1/16/2004 c16 1Bay710
all the capital letters make my day.
1/13/2004 c16 15Lilith Jade
cool. i loved it. you are one funny person, did you know that?
Demonic Cloaked Figure. now thats amusing. *grin* absolutely loved it. and thanks for updating. i was getting bored.
1/12/2004 c7 29dawningfear
Thank goodness for Amanda.
I’m going terminator on your story (I’ll be back). I have to momentarily attend to other matters.
This has made my bloody day...
I’m trying to savour this... I’ll save this for later, but it’s definitely added to my fave stories…
Hmm... Later may have to be in a few hours ^^;;
Keep on ^~
1/12/2004 c6 dawningfear
“The voice sounded like dew sliding off leaves and bells ringing like silver honey in the heavens.”
My goodness, this is great ^^
"If the sound of rolling one's eyeballs could be heard audibly, you can be sure that Amanda's would have drowned them out."
Great finish ^^
1/12/2004 c5 dawningfear
Tight pants and titles, nothing summarizes fantasy quite like ‘em.
1/12/2004 c4 dawningfear
Ah yes, the Exploding Monkey. Good times had in that merry old inn ^^
The extras casting for the people in the tavern deserves an oscar. I’d like to personally congratulate Cynical Man Who Ridiculed Repeatedly on a job well done.
Kudos also to whomever did Puking On Dead People's special effects.
1/12/2004 c3 dawningfear
"He was sixteen years old (just old enough to be appropriately handsome, but young enough to have endearing insecurities about romance)."
Aww, we all love that awkward age ^^
“You don't happen to have three moles in the shape of a triangle on your left shoulder, do you?”
You’ve captured the genre to a bloody tee ^^ This is bloody amazing.
1/12/2004 c2 dawningfear
“Oh, shut the #$&% up,”
Bloody mate, this is gold ^^
“What's up in, uh, Screw-Eyes Land?”
This is excellent!
Amanda is the perfect foil for this satire ^^
1/12/2004 c1 dawningfear
“and just a little to the west of Some Place With A Name That Has A Lot Of Apostrophes In It”
I went on a vacation there once.
I’d suggest visiting K’jais’wuf’a: City of Many Elaborate Marble Monu’ments!
1/11/2004 c16 27Morcar
Ah, finally updated. It's been a while and I'd kind of lost track of what was going on.
I'm not sure about the extended schpeil about summoning Bios, it kind of felt like overplaying the gag a tad.
1/11/2004 c16 TheMasterSword
It took me a while to remember who everybody was, it's been so long, but I did gradually. It's great to see another fantasy author who appreciates humor. ^_^ Maybe you could give me advice on my work sometime? Yours is great.
Well, later!
1/10/2004 c16 52Liviania
Oh no, I don't want to be a Volbird thing-a-bob...on my comp your story was in proper paragraphs. Who knows.
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