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1/10/2004 c15 52Liviania
*giggles* Oh yes, that foreshadowing was absolutely obscure!
1/8/2004 c5 4Shedited
This is more fun than reading a vaguely respectible half thought through fictional Story! this particular peice is going in my fav Storys and you in my fav author box thing i seen those questions and was wondering...
if soap falls on the floor does it get dirty? i mean you can't wash it off... it's already soap...
oh and 1 more
If your friend says "I'm going out side to get some air."
What was he breathing in here?
thanx for brightening my day!
1/8/2004 c4 Shedited
This is totally amsome!
i- Myself often try to make my storys and poems sound regall and have that zing! but this takes the cake..it holds a sort of understaning to all fanstasy stories. truely i wish they were all like this. (this inspired me and i am Trying my Hardest not to copy your ideas and make my own!) It just destroys everything Fantasy stories are ment to go by and holds a weird awsomness of (if i could spell)saciaty(!) today. :-)! ~*~take this story to The End! (Get it? lis! i need a better life)
1/8/2004 c4 22Turtle Queen of Freeks
Good story. I like the names.
1/8/2004 c16 2BuffLie
Wow, this must be so fun to write for you. Do you just sit there and crack up at yourself?
The excessive capital letters was more funny than usual in this one.
Keep it up ;)
1/8/2004 c16 9Magentian
Mbwahahaha! I love this...
""Why you foul creature, I'll put an end to your hideous existance with the very force of my righteous anger alone!" Irm shouted, not doing anything much at all. In fact, Amanda was sure Irm's mouth was probably not connected in any way to his brain, because he was currently engaged in the task of seperating two rather sticky buns from the inside of his travel bag."
The lines on Fahramere's hallucinogenic dreams were quite funny, too. It's picking up the quality again... goody! Good luck with balancing the schedule... Jharva talks exactly like we do around here... *sigh* Write more soon!
1/7/2004 c15 3Cadet Wolf
I really like this story. I hope you update it soon.
12/7/2003 c14 52Liviania
lol...poor D'gara girl, stumbling. Where did you come up with Afahail?
12/7/2003 c13 Liviania
Yes, this little minion reviews for you. Even if this review is a bit late.
12/7/2003 c12 Liviania
Oh no! Try Shout wipes!
12/2/2003 c15 3Sugar Thief
UPDATE! Please! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? Come on! I swear I'll review. Do it for me? You can't be losing interest in this story, it's way too good. I'll love you forever - please please please...
10/22/2003 c1 Sugar Thief
I love it - just discovered it today. I've only read the first five chapters or so but plan to read the rest as soon as possible. Keep writing. I love your style, it's great.
10/21/2003 c15 orangefreak33
Have you read David's stuff? It's exactly like this, but he means it seriously. It's not bad though, just cliché. I am so stealing the pointy stick. Hilarious...
10/17/2003 c1 Dances with Penguins
10/15/2003 c15 15Lilith Jade
hehe. that was great. about that review tho, forget about it. its just one bad review out of 165 good ones. forget the people that dont have artistic outlook. anyhow, great story. please update soon.
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