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12/27/2018 c1 zagato
This is lovely, thank you!
10/26/2010 c16 starlight-angel88
Great story! Loved it :)
6/14/2010 c16 splendid duck

only one thing i have to critisize about it: I just thought Adonis was way too cruel to chloe, adan and kalonice. I know that they were awful themselves but i just thought that Adonis was meant to be better than them and would make do with killing them humanely ridding the land of them all the same.

BUT that was a very minor thing the rest i absolutely found AMAZING!


oh and i was wondering where the picture of Adonis was because i couldnt find it?
12/27/2007 c16 2paradiie

usually i don't like 2 part stories but i really liked this one.
12/27/2007 c5 paradiie
i kind of don't like the way she treats odette. but i guess there's a story behind it..
8/8/2007 c16 2SwirlPolish
mm, maybe you've said this already and i missed it, but whatever happened to Calandra? you didn't talk about her in the epilogue. or maybe i missed it?
5/24/2007 c16 Genato
i'm surprised that this did not have as much reviews as the other one. it's as good as the other one. this is really good. a short fic compared to others and a good read. although i was a bit disgusted by what they did to kalonice.. she deserves it though. and i love the face that odette isn't just another super beautiful woman blah blah blah. i like it that she's kinda plain looking but what's inside made her glowing. it seems real. and un-fairytale like and more up to the 20th century. it's good. keep writing!
3/17/2007 c16 ANGEL992210
9/24/2006 c16 1CosmoBabe335
Hello! Me again!

I have just finnished reading The Lost King. And i love it! A happy ending! (sigh) Your stories a really well written and u should be very proud of them! Have u talked to an editor? You really should. I would definately be the first to buy one of your books!

OK well i guess thats it, CYA! Love CosmoBabe335, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
8/9/2006 c16 3rhy-k
This is totally awesome! I started reading Once and Future Queen this morning and continued into The Lost King, and now it is night time!

I would have reviewed every chapter for both stories but I just couldn’t be bothered with it in my impatience to finish reading.

I don’t think I could have waited in between updates if I had started reading this story from when you first published it, pausing in between every few chapter to carry out my normal day was bother enough.

This story was very well written, I felt as if I were beside the characters sharing their Joy and Sorrows.

I’m glad the end of The Lost King was happy, I felt a bit sad at the end of Once and Future Queen.

Anyway In conclusion:

I loved this story!
1/29/2006 c16 4moonlights desire
Wow. Great story. Another one, you're just like an amazing author. I thought everything was done so well~ I was so sad for it to end! But I was so happy it ended well! I really liked this story, it was great! Nice job, it really was amazing.
9/4/2005 c15 uusernname
I've just left a huge review on the epilogue, but have found out you're a member of DevArt... So am I! Woohoo! Lol. My screen name on DevArt is "Engulfed-In-Darkness", a bit of shameless advertising never hurt anyone, right?... Ok... Going now...
9/4/2005 c16 uusernname
I have goosebumps! The ending of the 1st story made me cry! I have NEVER read such a great story (or couple of stories) here on FP! They were fuckin INCREDIBLE! So was your pirate one, with Abe... I think it was Abe, anyways... I LOVE Greek nythology, and any original stories based on history. Congrats, you are the first author to ever get me to swear in a review, and you will be one of the VERY few on my fave author lists. Keep on writing, I mean it!
7/4/2005 c16 8bulletproof.cupid

I found this totally awesome =) Poor Isidor though... makes me so sad he didn't end up with Eldoris because I really wanted that. Ever though Feodor was a very noble, humble and loving mad, Isidore will always be number one on my list *huggles him* ;o) I looked throw your website and devianart website... awesome stuff you've got there. You're art work is amazing especially the animé drawings =) I was looking for the picture of Adonis, but alas I couldn't find it. Mind if you could help out a bit? *balances cherry on nose* Thanks very much for the awesome, awesome fic. Truly amazing with all the Greek history in it ((however, fictional it may be)) Right... adios muchachos,

5/17/2005 c16 5lool
Love it!
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