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for The Soul Keeper

9/12/2003 c2 R.N. Johnson
Wow this story is great! It has very good detail! Pleez continue!
6/10/2003 c2 Iba
Very good story. You put in alot of detail in it, it makes it perfect to think about what they are really doing, and their expressions. P.S. Keep up the good work, I'm rooting for you to do a great job, and I have the feeling you will!^^()
6/10/2003 c2 4Inazuma no Megami
I'm reading ^^
6/10/2003 c2 4foxdance
OOh i get to be your first reviewer. :) Oki... I think you have a nice story there, the plot is quite interesting and all the characters and their personalities were properly established. Oh, but just some advice [kinda unsolicited], since the story seems to be set in Japan (from what the names implied) schoolmates usually call each other by their last names, and only goes on a first-name basis when they're really close or have a 'relationship' (hehe). Anyway, it depends on you.

Keep writing.

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