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10/22/2013 c1 serwaverider
Funny and romantic, my FAVORITE combination.
5/22/2008 c1 8Pocket Elf
OMG OMG! I love this! The yaoi! Omg! Write more! I love Charlie!
9/24/2007 c1 SesshoumaruTakahashi
I am guessing that praise has already been bestowed upon you?

Well, if, by some slim chance, it hasn't, let me be the one to applaude you. That was utterly remarkable. It made me laugh and really made me want to lock you up in a dungeon with paper and a pen and await another. I am your slave forevermore..

Ja ne!

1/27/2007 c1 6the sacred night
Aww, this is absolutely adorable. Funny, sweet, sexy, romantic, everything.

Why didn't you tell me about this when I asked if there were more stories with the characters from that long series?

I guess this would qualify as an "alternate universe" type of story, although it doesn't really alter the storyline that much. I do hope for more; I've fallen in love with the whole crew. I look forward to that new story you mentioned before, and hope the info I shared with you before was helpful or inspired something. I'm really interested in the way your fictional world works, in addition to the individual characters. I look forward to finding out more about it in future stories. Until then!
1/1/2007 c1 7FlamingDoritos
Aww! It's so cute! I love it. I. LOVE. IT. Stuff like this is what I live for. You are awesome. Must...check...PROFILE!
3/25/2006 c1 Nekochan
You're so cool! I love your stories and you're definatly my favorite writer on this entire site! I you like Dir En Grey! I love you now, in a none creepy stalker kind way. KEEP WRITING! YOU ROCK!
6/6/2005 c1 9Rosemarykiss
Cutie fluffy story, totally cite :)
3/14/2005 c1 Tomiyo Hikura
Yaoi. I love yaoi. It's my favorite thing in the world. Besides sugar. Anyway, I loved the story. Everything I write is yaoi(or at least has on yaoi couple in it).
9/11/2004 c1 31Tekia
I love all of your stories. I've read three and decided to read the rest. This was the first one I got
to, and what a surprise when I found out it was about Sky and Grey, my two favorite characters!
I almost fell out of my chair, laughing! heh. I'm a goofball, but that's besides the point.
I love the relationship between these two, I especially like Sky's humor.
Great job on this piece of work!
5/10/2004 c1 12jacobcello
wonderful fic. I think that you should make a sequal if you want...well...i think that your very good at this kind of wirting. KEEP IT UP also because i have to add "CONTRUCTIVE CRITISISM" you were missing some punctuatuion and there were some punctuatuion errors but altogether. GREAT FIC!
10/9/2003 c1 Specularia
LOL That was just too cute for words.
8/23/2003 c1 2Laughing Cat
*laughs* This was hilarious, especially with the surprise ending. My only question is, if they were sophmores when Min arrived, wouldn't they be starting their third year in this story rather than their second?
7/15/2003 c1 Mikey AKA LOLO95 on FF.net
wow! I loved it!^_^ I think you should continue. Really! I know it was just a one-shot, but i read this one fic on FF.net that began as a one shot and it went on forEVER... sorta. ^^'heh heh... and i'm thinking of joining FictionPress.net, and i might even have a story (idea) to post, well i SORTA have a BASIC (is that how you spell it?) overview... emphasis on, SORTA! VERRY rough. Mostly just the stuff i came up with about the drawings i made; Mostly the creatures on the island (nasty lil buggers to. *eyebrow wiggle*), and the special people who can travel around the island for more than 24hours and live to tell the tale...^_^'heh heh... how about i stop blathering about my self? That'd be good? Right? ...I thought so. But anyways, i thank you for posting this up, and do you i should join FictionPress.net? I really would like your opinion...i'd also really be honered if you read the few fics i'v posted on FF.net. just type 'LOLO95' in the fic-finder^_^ just email me at




um, don't be confused if in the A/N LOLO95 is a girl. =^.^= ... yeah, thats right, my FF.net persona is a girl, a spazy one, too. =^.^= hope you don't think i'm some kind of bisexual pervert, cuz i'm not. Really! I just thought it would be fun to do somthing diffrent for a change. But anyways, i'm gonna stop wasting electrons, but please do email me!


7/9/2003 c1 6Princess of Hell
I absolutely *love* your work. and I adore this story ^_^ it's very sweet.

::cheers:: I like Sky ^^ he seems funny ::laugh:: at any rate great job with this and I'm going to read your other stories but I may not be able to review since my brother's making me get offline. Tata!

7/7/2003 c1 chibi-neko1812
what a great story! very lovely dialogue. made me feel all romantical ^.^ keep up the great work!
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