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11/12/2015 c21 annayh44
I just love this story...I wish you could complete this story...Dante is really nice just bitter with his life...he can do his best and I hope Bliss will understand him someday...just please do Bliss..yeah he was heartless at first but please try darling...interview part I really like it especially of Dante xD it was funny the way he told about his pet hahaha
12/19/2013 c22 rinpup14
Can't wait 2 read more this story is awesome
5/13/2013 c8 Infection Of War
This i quite an amazing story
9/11/2012 c19 13Aaerie

Just wondering if you'll ever continue this story? i've been wondering for ages what happens next :)
5/3/2012 c22 dharney-barney
please upload soon, i've taken a pause on writing my own story to read this. i love it so much lol great writing i bet you did a lot of reasearch on this lol. AMAZING!
4/7/2012 c8 BreakingTheTaboo
aw, the zombie gave her a flower! :)

And Dante is making me angry... js...
4/7/2012 c5 BreakingTheTaboo
Ahh, the great TS Elliott. I love that poem, by the way. :)
3/17/2012 c22 7KaylahDemi
Please write more of this story! It just like up and ended! I love this story!
12/17/2011 c1 27Writerandreader
I love stories like this! Nice job:)
11/3/2011 c18 sk84ndd327r0y
Absolutely wonderful story! I love how you fully developed characters. And I'm sorry that you were in a bad relationship, I hope things are better now,
10/22/2010 c18 7MissNightOwl
"Why?" I asked groggily. A slight blunder that made me confuse. I'm pretty sure it should be "he" instead of the "I".
10/22/2010 c12 MissNightOwl
I love how your're so good at this! Since I'm still a kid my stories sometimes sound childish and I like making it easy for myself. Which I shouldn't. Anyways I totally love your story!
10/21/2010 c8 MissNightOwl
I loved it! Very good! The part of Dante's point of view was really what I wanted. I wanted to know "what was Dante's feelings?" It really made it better. That's what I think.
5/27/2010 c22 TAylor
Um, I was just wondering if I could fisish up this story. It's really unfortanite to hear wWt happened to u, and I ko exactly how u feel cuz the same thing happened to me...
5/17/2010 c22 9armygirl0604
It was fabulous up until the very end. I must say, while I was momentairily disappointed, I am glad you left it open, rather than doing a "tie in" chapter, as my teacher/editor calls them. It leaves the ending to your readers' imaginations. I tend to leave things similarly in my amatuer novels, and was pleased to see that someone else does as well. I enjoyed the story thoroughly in my time here and intend to read and review your other works.

Thank you for your piece, I found it delightful.


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