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3/7/2004 c20 1Meg Schick
ok... taking way too long to update! UPDATE SOON! PLEASE! thanx
3/3/2004 c21 Lupa
Awsome! Write some more, please! Im too involved in the story for you to leave me hangin.
2/29/2004 c21 3Josee Poesee
Oh dude that interview was creepy! especially the coffin part *shudders* great story though!
*~* Dy *~*
2/24/2004 c21 4veralidaine sarrasri
I think you should have dante bite bliss in her sleep in the next chapter. Whatever you write, please write it fast, it is really interesting. I can't wait till the next chapter
2/19/2004 c1 17Olivia Muldoon
Interesting. This is a good chapter.
K.S. Night
2/9/2004 c1 1Meg Schick
Update soon! Please? *sits at computer waiting patiently* PLEASE!
2/8/2004 c21 40Death Princess
COOL! I PERSONALLY DONT USUALLY LIKE VAMPIRE FICS BUT THIS 1 IS GREAT! its so cute! theres so many unanswered questions tho like i dunno much bout Bliss' original background and wat suddenly hppened wiv her sight? 4got the rest of the questions but hehe... ive got a short tem memory. any wayz UPDATE SOON plZ!
1/30/2004 c21 14Glacial Rose
I enjoy the character studies, but could you please update on the story... I'm hooked on it and I really want to see what happens...
1/20/2004 c21 1Meg Schick
Please Update soon! I've been waiting patiently for the next chapter. I really love you're writing, and i crave more. Lol. Please, make it soon.
1/9/2004 c21 1Lucerito-del-alba
thanks for updating again. i think this is actually quite a useful thing for you to do! lol! and anyway im glad you came up with something anyway.
about the university pressure, well that does explain a lot. anyway, i hope the story doesnt finish too soon, i think id miss it too much!
try to update soon!
1/5/2004 c21 Zackire
? not the type of chapters that i was expecting...
12/30/2003 c20 bloomangel
of course, i'm very sad to learn that there are no more chapters...but we all understand writer's block :) this is very interesting, the character interviews. good idea to post them. please write another chapter soon, though, i may suffer fp withdrawal again :)
12/30/2003 c18 bloomangel
*squeal of delight* need i say that i LOVE this chapter? well, the title is very suitable, and your descriptions were right, frantic and spontaneous to match the circumstance. i like dante's jokes...extremely entertaining :P bliss's suspicion hadn't even occurred to me, either. you have piqued my interest :) no tips this time either...although i believe the word is spelled "permanent" not "perminent" :D
12/30/2003 c17 bloomangel
tips: "Part of me wanted to open my eyes, and instantly sprint away from the dusty old mansion, like a mother deer leaping off into the woods, never looking back." you don't need the first comma b/c there's not another subject for "sprint."
o, i liked this chapter! very intriguing; i like bliss's plan of action :) nice way to end it too: i was still in one piece. quite amusing...
12/30/2003 c16 bloomangel
tips: "letting me know the healing of my eyes were taking place" = "healing of my eyes was" b/c it's the healing taking place, which is singular, not the eyes. here's another example dialogue: ""Not when I'm with you." His voice chided." might want to use comma, quotation, continue w/o capitalization.
i'm pleased to note that bliss herself shares some of my mistrust in dante's sudden change :)
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