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7/5/2007 c22 Blackangle2011
Are u going to finish this story? It's really good...
6/2/2007 c22 1beloved18
awe man...this story is really good i hope that sometime soon you can update it i really gor sucked into the story... ok thanks for reading this oh my sign in name may be beloved18 but i go by lucky its short for my nick name lucky13 lol dont ask ok uhm im rambling now so ill let you get to your other reviews ^,^

2/27/2007 c21 6Asia Ralaia Schiegoh
Good Gravy, PLEASE update this. It was brilliant!

How's college, by the way?

2/4/2007 c5 1ShaliaHel
this story sounds just like which I read a long time ago. Same person?
12/11/2006 c18 2Celtic Maiden
I love it! I want to know how it ends. Please post soon. One thing thou if Bliss is a witch why can't she do something about her sight?
11/15/2006 c22 20Cocokitty
u should totally update ur story! i can't wait for the rest of it!
11/4/2006 c22 Jo's strange habit
Strange, Mercy Brown was a real person, right?

Love your story, please continue
9/27/2006 c22 2Serolina
hi there i just want to tell you that i love this story of yours, i totally want to know how it ends, and that if you still need someone to collaborate with give me a holler.

9/25/2006 c3 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
what fucker
9/22/2006 c22 nicole
its really good! i love it! but one thhing thats been bugging me-not about the story because i love the story and its good but magic has no k at the end its simply magic sorry for haveing to correct you but i'm just weird like that and i notice these things lol so great story!
8/16/2006 c22 3Heth
Man, I thought this story would be completed and it's been so long I doubt you even have the same, AIM, email, or even get on this anymore. But, I wish you would finish this story, and I'd love to discuss some possible ways to end it or anything if you need help with it. I hate to see stories unfinished, even though I have yet to have one that I've actually finished, but those barely began in the first place. Anyways, my AIM is heggar2 if you want to talk.
8/7/2006 c22 ExTwist
I hope you update soon. This is an amazing story and I'm eager to find out what happens next.I hope you're not going to abadon this story.
7/31/2006 c22 Zealot4life
7/11/2006 c5 Mercedes
Exellent chapter...I really love this fic so far...One thing though, I noticed you've misspelled "awkward" quite a few times...That's the only criticism I have so far:)
7/3/2006 c22 3Drowning In Darkness
I really enjoyed this story. I've read all of it today. It shocked and upset me when it abruptly ended though. But I understand too, for I also have just stopped a story in mid-swing without any warning. But anyway...What you have so far was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. I hope that one day you do continue this.


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