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for Nightfall: Resurgence

12/23/2004 c10 2The Late Great Zachary Ace
I'm new to Nightfall, but I've been reading it nonstop for about an hour and a half. It kicks a hefty amount of ass, and I'm happily moving on to the next in the series.
9/10/2003 c10 I am Gone
I can never complain about your stories becaouse there some of the best up here.
8/26/2003 c10 320578028ut5
So far I've read all the nightfall series. Just never gave a review till now. You have quite the writing imagination. Most of the stuff in your stories I would have never thought of.

Waiting patiently for Nightfall:Hunters.
6/16/2003 c8 unclepauly
Figured I'd didn't really properly review this. Two stand out moments for me was the moment that the kid makes a mess, you handled it so well and subtely before bringing the reality crashing upon us. Had me shouting in surprise.

Second was Roy's death and subsequent return. Or course, he's a holy vamp. Should have seen that coming but I didn't.

The return to the asylum was cool, and a great idea. (What with it being the place that a great deal of plot change occured)

So many of the original characters are gone and of the two remaining one is undead. Hopefully we'll see a brand new cast of characters that we can grow to love. And maybe we'll be surprised by the return of an old character or two. I always thought Ron was ripe for that.

Oh and finally, Bill never did reveal what happened to him and Ben between the time at the hospital. Is that going to be unveiled?
6/15/2003 c10 24greenzzz
love it!

6/13/2003 c10 48laws
Nightfall will always be a story I'll remember- so I'm awfully glad you added a continuance. True novel- don't leave us in the dark for too long.
6/12/2003 c10 6Strider Hunter
And the story goes on...excellent.

I was wondering where "Resurgence" had disappeared to. You had me going there for a second, Willum, with that climactic rooftop scene, with our steadfast heroes facing imminent death and all.

As long as there's Nightfall, there will be readers, plain and simple.
6/12/2003 c10 unclepauly
So this is the end to Resurgence I take it? Have to say I'm glad to see more of the Nightfall saga (I feared you might drop it) and my foolish mortal heart beats ever faster and the mention of Nightfall: Hunters. I'd actually like to see the return of some old characters (goes misty eyed remembering the good old days of The First Season). Dunno how though...

Gosh, I have to run through the streets and inform the neighbourhood.

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