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4/25/2010 c16 arata
this is one of the best storys i have ever read. better than most books i have read at that. i love it. took me days to read it but i went along with it cause it was so good.
6/23/2009 c16 MAGICAL.NARRATOR
this was a beautiful story. i loved the fact that everyone except the cats had a one syllable name.lol. im gonna go find if there is a part two right now. i rly hope so.

once again, great story!
1/9/2009 c16 5Aime Atem
Cool! Awesome! Good job!

The formatting issues were a bit frustrating, but hardly detracted from the overall funexcellence of your story.

Go you!
12/28/2008 c3 7Princess of Lies
It would be so convienient for me if my hair could do that! It's over 3 feet long, so it can get annoying at times.
7/1/2008 c16 i-see-faeries
I personally like Charm School better, but that could just be me. I still love this though. It gives insight on something I had no clue about, including Rain and Janet. LOL. Loves.
3/2/2008 c2 4frolic-horror
I haven't read the other reviews, but I guess it wasn't noticed before : you wrote "With Taz to decide on anesthetics and Faun on comfort they spent some time trying a wide array of collars." but I think you meant to say "aesthetics" instead of "anesthetics". Sorry to bother you with details (I was called a freak before because of noticing stuff like this :P). I'm really enjoying the story so far :)
12/22/2007 c7 5paputsza
*cough* i see there's no more warnings. but that's allright with me, they were a bit distracting. xoxo love this story.
12/22/2007 c13 paputsza
soo cuute :D i kind of want the seme to have muscles though... and be you know a seme by original definition and what not. the dominant fighter person
12/22/2007 c15 paputsza
omg! i want to the the hundredth reviewer. it almost as good as being the thousandth. XD
12/22/2007 c14 paputsza
augh, redheads don't gray : the hair just turns a lighter red. they have no black pigments so grey's not possible. xoxo po little seme. *tear*
12/20/2007 c3 paputsza
...that little insert there was pretty random, and cute too. i forgot what the brackets meant... you should reformat this story O.O i could do it 4u. -.- not that i annoys me much or anything*sarcasm*.
12/20/2007 c1 Guest
coo. for some reason i always end up cooing during a story about cats. they're charming animals. small dogs are good too... monkeys are awesome... and baby kangaroos are flippin adorable. my school has animals sometimes for the vet people. But no rhinos, i asked for a rhino and the admins were like "no bla bla dangerous".
12/10/2007 c1 ygt
I really love this story and the ones following it.

Every few months I seem to re-read them, as I do with my favourite books.

Thank you very much for writing the stories!
10/5/2007 c16 SesshoumaruTakahashi
Everytime I read your stories, I drift into them and I feel like I am a part of them. I love everything you write. I also noticed.. In every story of yours that I have read, there are elves. I love elves and I love this theme you seem to have taken a liking to. I wish I could write as wonderful as you. It must take you a long time to write all these stories. I loves you(actually, I am more obsessed).

Ja ne!

8/17/2007 c4 randomperson-randomplace
wow, i say! i'm really impressed!

this work is really interesting, and there is a strong plot and room for character development. i guess that basically, i really really like it, as fiction; not yaoi/lemon/whatever strung together with, well, string. (sorry, thats not to sound rude or anything.) i also liked the humour and it's nice how you've given all the warnings.

i scincerely hope u continue writing, but i'm just making sure - fawn = baby deer, faun = magical creature that is half man and half ( legs + horns) goat.

i think that on the whole, it hangs together very well, but on some areas you may want to consider expanding them a little: it can be a bit abrupt when you change time frames.
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