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8/27/2004 c4 Cannibalistic Smurf
"lin, you can't just go around killing people!" "oh"
lol, that makes me giggle ^_^
good chappy, now I must procede onward!
8/26/2004 c3 Cannibalistic Smurf
lol, lin is probrobly one of my favorite characters you have created!
favorite moments in this chapter:
“I will get those slips from Taz over his dead body. He likes to gloat over them in private. I suspect he gets naked and rolls in them."
and also the hair ^_^
great job!
8/26/2004 c2 Cannibalistic Smurf
I say yay to faun! he's so cute, he makes me want to hug him to death ^_^
I love taz too, but think my favorite character is lin. (I want to have his babys ^_^)
A spiffingly good job!
8/26/2004 c1 Cannibalistic Smurf
gah, this chapter is so LONG 0_0... not like thats a bad thing...
I absolutely LOVE your writing, because it makes me relate to the characters (like, I feel so sorry for faun, yet I can't help but laugh at lin and his dry humor)
must read on! ^_^
7/31/2004 c16 3alittlepilot
i know im getting annoying.. but i forewarn you.. i'll be reading everything you write XD and this.. was wonderful. ever since i read charm school i've been wondering about everyone that was in the older group. and ah.. so sweet and beautiful. and you have the most unique ideas that are carried out so creatively. everything i wish to happen always does. which makes for wonderful reading.
5/8/2004 c16 2Shimisaki-kun
This is so great! I love your stories! Must continue and read part two! @
4/27/2004 c13 SLDK89
Meep! Pets lifespans are shorter! Nu! MUST KEEP READING!
4/25/2004 c6 SLDK89
Hwe! So THAT'S what's up with the hair! I was wondering about Lin's peevedness in Charm School, now I know! Yay! I LUV Lin in this! He's so cool! *plans kidnapping Lin* Kekekekeke! Must read the rest!
3/28/2004 c16 2beccamint17
A very good story. I enjoyed it.
3/24/2004 c16 10afk
WOW! i just loved this story, (now i understand somethings in charm school ^^)
so hey it's me! i guess you are thinking: not her again.. but oh yess hahaha, you'll have to read my reviews! muahahaha
anyway, i just loved this story, (guess i already said that *son grin*) sexy guys interesting plot..lots of yaoi what can i say ^~
i'll go now to the second part *hears a sigh of relief from sandy* -_- evil
8/13/2003 c16 laurel
I enjoyed the story, especially the character sketches and the supernatural aspect. There personalities are well rounded and I like learning little things through shopping trips etc.

A few things that bugged me are:

1. Faun seems to recover from a lifetime of training too quickly...I'd expect him to have that shadow him for much longer.

2. I know this isn't an action/adventure fic but the part with Meg seemed to go past a bit fast too me.

Overall though, very enjoyable and sugary sweet :) Loved Rain and the kittens.
7/11/2003 c16 huntressshi
i like your story vearry much and hope to read more, all the chatactors are veary adorable
7/4/2003 c16 newtypeshadow
oh, this made me smile. it also made me really worried and nervous and afraid, but happiness was the overwhelming emotion i felt when reading this. i'm quite glad i did. ^_^ loved it, dearie.
7/3/2003 c16 itoshii-youkai
*sobs uncontrollaby*...i'm so so so sorry, i havent reviewed for chap 13-15

I finally read them but didnt have time to review. Oh Faun how could he be so NAIVE! and do that to Lin...*sobs again*'

falls to the floor with the kittens, three pairs of eyes look up at u accusingly, u made me so sad.

“You're expecting a virgin sacrifice?”

“I live on hope.”

~pokes u, laughs evily and runs off~
7/1/2003 c16 wazawaisuru
Yay! I love happy endings^^! Well done! W. (formerly hello_lola)
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