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7/1/2003 c16 lupusdragon
Karen: Yay for happy endings!

LD: Yay for Part Two!

Karen: Good chapter. The beginning was intense. But it ended so silly ^_^

LD: I do like the touch of humor. H m m lust and optimism. . . Could make for an interesting second part!

Karen: Yeah, that and Lin's eventual change of profession. ^_^ I am just so ecstatic about this. It is beautiful.

LD: And the sooner the better on that sequel thingie... sequel is easier to type than part two. ^_~
7/1/2003 c16 Messenger
YEAH! Meg is dead! Meg is dead! SHe's gone! I take it she's not gone forever though? They never stay dead, nasty habit they have, not dieing. I REALLYY REALLY REALLY liked this chap. The Bonding was a bit...weird, but I'll liive. I cant wait for part 2. I wounder what'll happen then. Another thing, Is this going to be an ongoing story? Cause I really like it! Faun and Tsin are just adorable. Maybe, in part 2, Taz and Tsin coul have their very own sex scene. I like the kittens too. They are very cute. Thry have a...personal touch they cookies just dont have. PLEASE COME OUT WITH PART 2 VERY SOON! Id be muchly appritiative.
7/1/2003 c15 lupusdragon
Karen: ;_; Another sad one.

LD: How is it sad? They are going to bond?

Karen: Couldn't you sense the tension?

LD: Oh, you mean that.

Karen: Yeah, that. But they do love each other. That is good at least.

LD: And Faun still has his course to finish. Lin said he always keeps his promises! ^_^
6/30/2003 c14 hellolola
Wow! Awesome chapter! I'm glad that you believe in happy endings-I don't think I could bear a sad one^^!
6/30/2003 c14 15Ulfr
Poor Lin. Poor Faun. POOR EVERY BODY! Except for that Meg bitch, you sgould kill her off. I knew something wasnt right with the whole deal thing. I hope they can get through this. It would be awful if they didnt. Im sad about Lins hair. It was beautiful, they he had to go and hack it all off, it all that hags fault (gr). SOme body should beat her bloody.
6/30/2003 c14 lupusdragon
Karen: ;_; *bawling*

LD: Wow, that was bad, very bad.

Karen: Ok, so Lin could have killed Faun if Faun had distributed the potions as per the instructions. So who has that kind of grudge against Faun? Or is he just an innocent bystander? It seems a sort of round about way to get to Lin, though.

LD: The suspense is killing me!
6/29/2003 c13 lupusdragon
Karen: Poor Faun

LD: Good ending though!

Karen: They just have to bond. *wails*

LD: Yay for Taz and Tsin! hehehe!

Karen: Good stuff. This was such a sad chapter overall, but very good. Feel better and give us more as soon as you can!
6/29/2003 c13 hellolola
Hi! The story is super sweet and progressing really nicely. You're a great writer^^!
6/29/2003 c12 lupusdragon
LD: Woohoo!

Karen: Yeppers.

LD: Such sweet little kitties. All three of them ^_~

Karen: *nod nod*
6/29/2003 c11 lupusdragon
Karen: Aw w w, kittie ^_^

LD: Hehehe Faun is into kinky stuff! He is such a tease!

Karen: Lin is as hopelessly in love as Tsin is, it is cute.

LD: And whoo-hoo with the massive updates!
6/29/2003 c13 M
OK, this may be odd, but I was sitting at my desk reading this and thought something was wrong with the story. Not that its bad or something, I think its great. The only prblem is, something cant be this good for this long with out something horrible happening. Im worried about Faun dying, that would be HORRIBLE! You cant let it happen. I know that Faun and LIn are goping to bound anyway, so why doesnt Faun just talk to Lin about it. Im sure he's much more understnding then Faun is worrying about him being. Are then anymore pretty pictures?
6/29/2003 c12 itoshii-youkai
AH! *wipe shimmering eyes*

og gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd, that was so beautiful, so extremely beautiful, especially the ending, ESPECIALLY the ending...*hugs u and sobs in ur shoulder*

~pokes u and runs off~
6/29/2003 c11 itoshii-youkai
AHyyiee! a kitten! aww, i better be the 1st one to review for this chap.

* or else!*

~pokes u and runs off~
6/29/2003 c5 itoshii-youkai
DAMNIT!, i had wanted to be the 1st to review for ur chapter 10* oh the agonized hrs i had suffered! but lupusdragon and some ANON! beat me to it!

6/28/2003 c10 lupusdragon
Karen: What can I say, I just love it ^_^

LD: The dialogue in this was great. So funny.

Karen: Poor Lin with his insecurity though. And Faun, that dream had to be traumatic.

LD: They'll pull though. This is such a romantic story (I refuse to say the s-word)

Karen: It is sweet *stary fangirl eyes*
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