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6/28/2003 c10 Messenger
YEAH! They had sex! YEAH! Now all they need to do is have Faun be on top. I tack bacl my previos comment about Lin not being right for the part of top, He's actully better at it then i thought he'd be. I really like this chap. I wonder how Lins addiction to pleasure is going to play into all of this though. He' doesnt seem, well addicted yet. Maybe irs just when he has to much...
6/28/2003 c10 itoshii-youkai
“No, I take them to a little place and give them to a small suspicious man who looks at them rather sadly and yells at me for my mistreatment of innocents. Then he does mysterious things to them and I get them back all clean.”

HEHHEHEHE, i find that extremely funny.

Ye , finally some raw SEX! yea!

remember delayed gratification is a horrible thing.

lol, *pokes u and runs off*
6/27/2003 c9 itoshii-youkai
i know, i know. Ur building up romance w/a bit of angst, but for THE LUV OF GOD

MAke THEM FUCK, savagedly, passionate, hump all nite, pass out in tha morning SEX

hehhee...plz more chaps.
6/27/2003 c8 itoshii-youkai
embrace ur innue slut! WHE
6/27/2003 c9 lupusdragon
Karen: Aw! So sweet ^_^ They are so cute together!

LD: Heh, so Lin killed his mother. This is so complicated. But he really likes Faun and that is awesome!

Karen: *nod nod* I don't know if I feel bad for Faun or not. That whole reading thing. . . what a reward, though it is likely to make the whole thing more frustrating if he can't get it right away.

LD: Yeah but when he does get it. . . I can't wait for that chapter ^_^
6/27/2003 c9 15Ulfr
WOW! Im happy about where this is going. I liked Lins fantasy. Its erotic. I also like the idea of Faun on top. It only seems right. I dont kow why though.
6/26/2003 c6 itoshii-youkai
its all good babay.

i've been reading this straight, sorry kinda outta things to say...*pokes u*
6/26/2003 c4 itoshii-youkai
I forgot to say i luved the thing w / lin's hair in the 3rd chapter.

Lin had a fleeting vision of himself putting students through

their paces at daggers point

Rather like a knight who had slain the dragon only to

have the rescued damsel run like hell away from him.-Luv that

EVIL EVIL man that grabbed faun! *snarls*

~runs after man w / a stick
6/26/2003 c3 itoshii-youkai
Lin finally forced a choice by flopping down on one and staying there.

Taz informed the sales man that this was the final decision

and he went off to write up the order.

Or for the love of all that's holy, put on some clothes.

Before I end up with a lap full of steaming coffee.)

Lin had a rather hysterical urge to assure Faun he felt just fine, thanks.

*laughs intensely*

6/26/2003 c2 itoshii-youkai
AHY...*jumps up and hugs u*

~wipes eyes~, beautiful,simply beautiful

he had managed the seemingly impossible trick of making Taz blush when he began to simply strip in the first store. The young sales lady had almost fainted although Taz noticed she didn't complain or show them the door.

Taz looked doubtful. Faun looked relieved. Lin looked adamant.

“He's practically harmless.We can meet for lunch in a few hours and you

can stun me with your new purchases and Taz can stun me with the price.

And this has got to be ma fav* He could hardly take Faun with him. A scene played in his mind: “Who was that man fleeing the scene?” “We don't have any positive id yet but he has a six foot red head on a leash with him, he won't get too far.

pokes u and runs off
6/26/2003 c1 itoshii-youkai
hehhe...*runs up and taps u on the shoulder...dashes away...sneaks back and pokes u...giggles like an idiot...


You have ears!”

“The better to hear the dulcet sound of your voice, my dear.”

16 put one hand to his mouth and dropped his gaze.

“You can look at me, truly, I am vain enough to enjoy it.”


I will arrive bearing greenery and Dom Perignon. And make very nice indeed. Okay?”
6/26/2003 c8 lupusdragon
LD: *chuckles* Nice ending ^_^ I like that phrase "Embrace my inner slut"

Karen: Hehehe, I think Faun should make Lin go without clothes more often. That would be good!

LD: And slowly we are finding out more about Lin's past. And Faun isn't repulsed. This is good.

Karen: Yeah, Faun should enter more of Lin's dreams too. But why is it that Faun is always naked? Is that Lin's doing or Faun's?

LD: Poor Lin. Never being able to get close to anyone. It is so sad.

Karen: But Faun will make it better ^_^

LD: Yay for citrus!
6/26/2003 c8 Ulfr
Inner slut. I'll have to teach that to my friend...I WANT MORE LEMONY GOODNESS! Do yuohear my=e? MORE! That would include another chapie. Though Im very happy that htere 2 in such a short amount of time. :)
6/25/2003 c7 lupusdragon
Karen: Oh my! *sniffle* I don't know if I am happy or sad. That was a very emotional chapter. Come to think of it, they are all pretty emotional chapters. . .

LD: I am happy! More than fluff! Well, granted, it was a bit fluffy. . . but still *glomp*

Karen: It was a bit romantic ^_^ And Faun took the assassin thing better than I would have expected. I hope Lin can reciprocate.

LD: Are Taz and Tsin going to get together, because that would be too great! A little humor to cut some of this Faun/Lin drama ^_^
6/25/2003 c7 tmelange1
Great continuation. It's nice to see Faun being a little more assertive - in the sexual category at least. Taz is a memorable character, and I always like it when he's around. Keep up the good work.
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