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6/25/2003 c7 15Ulfr
Wow, I like the lemony goodness in the shower, maybe there could be more in the near future? I also think that during dinner w/Tsin, some thing itreting should happen...Im not quit sure what though.I also wonder if Faun is going to get any idease from the books that Taz 'n' him got. Especialy the Kama Sutra one...
6/23/2003 c6 Izzy-chan
Ah! Taz and Tsin! Cute! *Izzy claps hands* I love Taz! And I love Tsin, and Faun, and Lin! Yeah! Wow, you update really fast. *Izzy looks guiltily at the last time she updated...a month ago!* Anyways, it's going great and I look forward to reading more! Bye-bye!

6/23/2003 c6 lupusdragon
Karen: Somehow, I think Faun was trying to avoid asking Lin. . . ^_^

LD: I love Taz. He is such a great character. So open and blunt and sexy ^_^

Karen: A bit garish for my tastes. . . but it is fun to see him fluster everyone else.

LD: Another wonderful chapter. A joy to read. You are really talented at combining different elements into one well written chapter.
6/23/2003 c6 hellolola
Cool! The story is really good-some parts even made me tear up a bit, and I like that your chapters are on the longish side. Please keep writing^^!
6/22/2003 c6 Ulfr
Im kind of worried as to where Fauns quetion about hair is going. I like that your updating so fast though. Im also very glad about how Tsin and Tax FINALLY met. I still thin they would make an amazing couple. Especially since their personalities and styles clash so horribly.
6/22/2003 c5 lupusdragon
Karen: Oh, well there is some blatant symbolism ^_^

LD: That was creepy.

Karen: I like the fluffiness though. I can't get over how. . .bold . . . Faun is being.

LD: Hm *sighs wistfully* Will it ever be more than fluffiness. The are so cute (yuck, I can't believe I said that) together and they need to be happy together.
6/21/2003 c5 tmelange1
Great continuation! I look forward to seeing where you're going with the Faun character in particular. Right now I'd have to say he's too simple and child-like to keep my interest for very much longer, but I have high hopes for him. ;-) Kudos.
6/21/2003 c5 Ulfr
Its still wonderful! Im afraid I dont get anything in the dream, like how Lin knows whats going to happen in the dream or anything.
6/21/2003 c4 Izzy-chan
Hi! This story is so cute! I love all your characters, especially Taz. I think Lin and Faun are so cute too! I hope Lin keeps him! Anyways, keep up the good work!

6/21/2003 c4 tmelange1
This story is terrific. Keep up the good work.
6/21/2003 c1 tmelange1
This is good! I just started reading and thought I'd stop and congratulate you on an excellent story.
6/20/2003 c4 Ulfr
New philosiphy. Nice. I think that you should have Taz abd Tsin meet. It sounds like it would be funny to see then together. I mean what with Taz's extroverted personality and Tsins introvert. Its a perfect match.
6/20/2003 c4 lupusdragon
Karen: Oh no!

LD: Yikes. . . Faun is going to hate Lin if he ever finds out Lin's line of work.

Karen: I don't think Faun can hate Lin. . . but I am sure he'd be hurt. Either that or Lin can be persuaded into a change of profession.

LD: Either way. . . I foresee angst!
6/16/2003 c3 lupusdragon
Karen: Cool! I wish my hair did that. That is so neat.

LD: Hair, she says. Poor Lin, to never have been with anyone ever. I guess he and Faun will learn lots from each other *snickers *

Karen: This is so incredibly sweet! I just adore it!
6/15/2003 c3 Ulfr
Im beyond speakless. Its absolutly amazing. The sex scens are so...vivid. Its amazing. Plz update sooner.
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