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for Daughter of Camelot

2/10/2004 c21 6Laughing Fountain
NO! I want more! Please, update soon! I'm waiting anxiously!
10/28/2003 c21 Dani
*giggles* I shouldn't have read all of this chapter, but hey... I'm so glad to see that you're still writing, despite the sorry lack of reviews. *mourns* As before, you are a truely great author, and I will always love your work!

Have fun in Japan! ^^
10/20/2003 c21 21Miri Tiazan
No! Sad sad sad! Not long enough. Those chapters were so SHORT! I hate love triangles, they make me so depressed, I always want EVERYONE to be happy, but it never works out nicely like that. Oh, woe. And I like them BOTH. Not that we really know much about Lagan, mind you, but I like him. And I like Cairn. And I wouldn't mind which one she ended up with, except that it would be sad when the other one's heart was broken. Oh, sad.

I fear the only remedy to my depression is UPDATES. Updates are good. They make me happy. Then good happy things happen. Yay. Update? Please? Soon? I know you're busy, aren't we all (school-gr), but any time you manage to put in would be HUGELY appreciated. Huge as in MONUMENTAL APPRECIATION. Updates would be splendiferously wonderful. (Look at me, my grammar is unexpectedly atrocious today... Chalk it up to enthusiasm.) Anyway. What little you have posted (::tear::-it's never enough, even when it's done) just makes me want more, because it was so excellently done.

Yes. It is good to rediscover you (yay, happy) and I hope to see more from you soon... Maybe? Please!

10/20/2003 c19 Miri Tiazan
Aha, I found you at last. The whole changing of your pen name thing threw me... But now I am happy, as I observe that you have added chapters since last I read this fic. And changed the title back, too. Oh, excitement. I really ought to be doing my math homework right now, but I always hated circle equations anyway, so it can just wait. Yay, I'm happy. This made my week. Yay. Must go read.

9/16/2003 c21 Watch
What will happen when Cairn finds out? and is Lagan going to be all possessive? I am waiting ever so impatiently (I'm always impatient with good work) to hear what happens next. What will our heroine do? It is in your hands...
8/13/2003 c1 3Ta2dFreekshow
I like Gummi Bears
7/13/2003 c21 Snarks
*fans self* Hot! So very hot! You, my dear, have a wonderful way with words. And I love the tattoo Lagan has. Was that in the original edition? I can't really remember. *grins weakly* Either way, I love the images you paint. You've outdown yourself once again. So happy to read this.

6/15/2003 c20 Snarks
*wolf whistle* Can I tell you how much I love the interplay between Lagan and Niki? It's so great to have these two characters back. *rubs hands gleefully* Waitin' for more, m'dear.

6/14/2003 c3 Snarks
My, oh my. We've done a bit of changing up I take it. Wonderful of course. Your first version was splendiferous but your little added touches give it more oomph. EEto . . . then again, it's been awhile since I've read the first version and all of this could've been in there already but my sieve mind is fast at work again. In which case I have this to say; if you ever choose to eat shoe leather, add some szeschuan sauce for a bit of a kick, no pun intended. *grins*

Anyway, good to see you back, dearheart.

Ja ne!

6/14/2003 c1 Singh
The detail in the story, as well as the vocabualary worked towards creating a vivid atmosphere. The main character seemed well developed and interesting. The premise of the story is so original that it leaves me curious as to where the rest of the story is going and what will happen to the main character.

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