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for For The Love Of A Vampire

2/1/2010 c6 1ImmortalDreams
That day dream thing sounds so embarrassing!
2/1/2010 c4 ImmortalDreams
I like Alex and Marco. I wouldn't like it if my best friend did that to me! Plus I think Marco's the vampire and I almost always rout for that.
2/26/2009 c15 missy1740
i like this story but i wished it could be longer

email me back at
8/6/2008 c1 1xLaydeeJTx
4/29/2008 c15 ChristianAngel01
I love this one

It is great

I sure do love a happy ending :D
2/11/2008 c15 11Stella Celestial
Three words. I. Love. This. and I'm sorry ididn't read it when you were writing it. I just don't get around the site that much. but still I love this.
6/12/2006 c1 7lklalrlelnl
bravo! i'm going to read your other stories when i get the chance =] just fantastic! ^^
12/7/2005 c1 7BangBangYourDead
Wonderful story.

9/11/2005 c15 AubriannaKnight
cool story. i would have liked to know how the clone was made though. also i thought the clone thing was a little silly and unnessary, but that's up to you. still an awesome story though
9/11/2005 c12 AubriannaKnight
i'm scarred.. i hope dom is going to be alright. nothing needs to happen to him.. hes so sweet and cute and childlike.. smiles
9/11/2005 c8 AubriannaKnight
How long has Marco been a hot studly vampire? It's hard to believe he hasn't had a date before. Vampires usually come off as romantic, handsome, charmers. He also seems like his character should sound a little more mature.
9/11/2005 c6 AubriannaKnight
ok, this and the last chapter had me a little confused. First of how old is Alexy again, and does she live with parents? Second, what's wrong with her? Doesn't She wonder how these people know where she lives and how they get in her house?
1/14/2005 c15 PrettyDreams
I was too lazy to sign in. But great story! I liked it! :D
12/26/2004 c15 secretserver
i know ur stoeys over but i just wanted to say ur story is fantabulus!
8/29/2004 c15 11Autumnymph
Aww... That was so sweet...! Glad to know that the couple Marco and Alexy is real! Pure romance... Sorry for not reviewing all chapters but i just couldn't stop reading to review! Heehee... Thanks for ending it or I'll be endlessly hovering the story even though I do feel a tingle of regret that the story had to end. Well, a happy ending! I love this story! For your information I had ur story and u on my favourite story and author list when I read the first chapter! Finished the whole story in just one day! ^^ Luv it!
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