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4/18/2004 c1 zephyr
another good poem. ur writins good but what really gets me is that it hits home.
7/18/2003 c1 4Chord
I remember this one, and I remember saying "good luck" because such is what you'll need, to go with standards as high as yours are. Fortunately for you and I, "good luck" is but a mere expression, and I don't believe in it as much as I do faith.

But I digress.

Poem's lovely, darling, and the imagery is breath-taking. :: hugs Zephyr :: Come back to the Hardline, kid, we misses yah lots.

6/13/2003 c1 49recalcitrant
cool poem keep up the good work.. r +r my stuff if u want !
6/13/2003 c1 35Jane Austen the 2nd
I was looking for the same someone! he he jking but I am not joking when I rave about this poem! Very good description(i didnt even think of some of the ones you thought of) the reader starts to want them to! Amazing as Usual!

pretty pink:)

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