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9/27/2003 c4 15Neko Tatsutahime
*pouts* Mean joke. *grin* But this is almost as good! I'd like to read more!
7/4/2003 c4 89Mir-Firiel
All of these are so cool! The Future Begins is weird and well writen. (by weird I mean weird in a good way).

The Fallen Angel is very neat and the Mermaid Diaries is funny.

Keep writing! :D
6/16/2003 c4 17Winged One1
Yeah, the radioactive muffins part caught me. Such interesting stories... I love this site!

winged one
6/15/2003 c1 1Celenathil-the-Elf
I must say, I enjoy your short stories immensely. Keep it up!

6/14/2003 c2 12HarmonyIsarine
These were good stories. ^_^ There were a few errors in each, mostly spelling, but nothing big. gonna add more to these?

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