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8/22/2010 c1 24Amethystars
Very authentic, and thought-inspiring. This poem aligns neatly with my anti-belief in organized religion. It's not faith I have a problem with (I believe in something, although I don't know quite what), it's the bad things it can breed, and in our world today, does breed.
9/5/2006 c1 41Neurotic Consciousness
Good poem... personally I believe in something, but I don't believe it's all-controlling... God supposedly gave us free-will. Well, if God controls everything, there can't be free will... See the contradiction? But anyways, good poem, complex theories express in easily understandable words.
5/19/2004 c1 orulet
*claps* yay ! finally someone sees the light XD nyah .. my god i know exactly what you mean ... personally i think religion can be beautiful (even tho im agnostic), like the faith people can have .. however, its ppl like u describe in this poem that fuck it up for everyone. people who breed hate against homosexuals, other religions, etc .. because of the age old excuse of "god says its wrong" and those "degenerates" will "go to hell"
well personally i dunno whether there is one or not, but if there is i believe he/she/it made everyone, therefore its extremely unlikely gods gonna view a creature he/she/it made as unnatural :p so to all religious extremists out there .. boo-sucks-to-you (yes. im immature :p) you're pathetic to preach about love and act hateful. and to you oh brilliant writer of the poem :D you're an utter genius for encapsulating the pure idiocy of these people.
3/31/2004 c1 Siren Xenophon
I agree with everything in this poem. I am not religious what-so-ever. Very good job in embodying your feelings though.
1/27/2004 c1 18Phoenix Ignition
You've apparently never actually experienced God, but have only seen the way Christians act, and the way they describe him. I won't give you the 'repent, repent' spiel, but I will say that you won't understand God's true nature until you've experienced Him.
And to Firess: A genuine Christian probably won't beat you up for wearing a Pentagram (Unless you're talking about verbally, in which case I probably have a different definition of 'beat up'). Don't look to Christians nowadays.
10/15/2003 c1 13Aislinn-dreamer
too true... and i'm glad you didn't get ne religous fanatic reviews

^_^ i feel the same way, for a religion that is supposed to be based on love they preach alot of hate. *sweatdrops*

newayz, nice work

7/25/2003 c1 firess
this is great...reminds me so much of how i feel towards jesus freaks...i mean christians...im wiccan so they make it unbearably hard, my mother wont even let me wear jeans with pentagrams sewed all over them b/c shes scared i shall get beat up. but, if jesus freaks can display their religious preference, why cant i?
7/13/2003 c1 12Vuelo
You know what? I totally agree! Power to you and being NON-religious! Nicely written too. Good stuff

6/26/2003 c1 37wingless
this is pretty good, though i hope you don't mind if i say you are a better fiction writer, than poet. percolating peets is a masterpiece, though this is pretty good. i know these feeligns of frustration. i personally am against all forms of organized religion, moreso when they are imposed on others. i think the benefits of religion dont even begin to compete with the bad effects. so many wars are based on religion... as well as many hate crimes...

i understand this. it conveys the emotion very well

thanks you soo much for your review of elf boy and baby face. im sorry it took me so long to review you, i was busy with exams and such. but i'm glad you enjoyed it so much. you're the only person so far who has commented on my little snippets of philospohy stuck in. thanks for that, i'm glad somebody noticed it.

ill keep reading percolating pete's...
6/20/2003 c1 25pleasecometrue
haha the jesus channel... great poem, and so true.
6/15/2003 c1 2ant68
OMG THAT WAS EXACTLY MY VISIONS TOWARDS GOD! gosh, "you inspire hate, and breed insecurity" is very powerful and thoughtful. i agree about the lack of believance (is that a word? he he) toward god (for me that is). one question to ask the world is ehy do innocent people have to die or be brought to extreme ethnocity (hmm.. is that a word too?) because of something like religion. wow, i'm glad i got all that out.

uh.. i mean no offence to any one with a religion that opposes my views, it's just my views about god, oh excuse me, God. so... spare me... :)
6/14/2003 c1 73FanaticPixie
I think this is a really good poem. It makes sense, and is quite powerful, I'm glad you haven't gotten any Christian zealot reviews yet.


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