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5/18/2004 c13 airelothwen
lovin this! more more more please please! currently readin youtr other stories, cant believe i hadnt notice UM before like, last week, tis tres tres bien! Meh, yeah, i really dont have anything constructibve to say, tho i should think of something to help me procrastinate further and dleay even more the revision i really SHOULD be doing... but meh! bring on the fictionpress stories!
5/12/2004 c14 DMK
*sniff* getting replaced already... *sniff*
Just kidding, but you know you can still e-mail me stuff, right?
5/12/2004 c13 Drunkenmonkeyking
Loved it, Zip. Very kick ass. Especially the new convo with Dominus!
I've been waiting for that for awhile, and you did not let me down! Very good, even without the humor you really outdid yourself. Kudos!

And yes, that was a very umm... (searches for politically correct word) interesting author's note at the end. lol. Anyway, glad to have seen an update!
5/11/2004 c13 12RustPoisonedBlade
Well FINALLY! Been waiting forever. This is a good chapter. Very good. Hope to hear more soon...very soon.
5/11/2004 c13 9Magentian
ONN! YHW! Yhw tsum ti dne os noos? heh, m'I gnisserda uoy ni Sdrawkcab (random language switch) because you seem to be so fond of using it. Just one of the many eerie things in this chapter. Helps to convey a mood of fear very well, even though the three creepy things (seduction, 6 word count, and the coincidence of Zeus) weren't part of the actual storyline. And, yes, it wasn't as funny, but most of the chapter was damn cool. Especially the seduction. Heh heh... I'm such a sadist... :) I think all these random events are meant to tell you something, though, seriously. Something like, this story has been blessed by the Gods? ^^
I do have a few beefs, though. The first part, when Ryst prodded the wall, etc etc... A little too much powers-show-and-tell time for me. Sounded like something my magic-obsessed neighbor kid friend would write. You can do much, much better. But hey, first draft, you can get away with it. For now.
Eh, sorry for the scattered-ness of this review. Must go now, end of class. Hoping for an update soon!
4/30/2004 c12 decree of fate
LOL...loved it..was awesome..aw poor quell :\ he needs a hug...update soon!
4/4/2004 c12 DaemonTeo
I hate you... I really do... Damn you and your cliffhangers! You should finish faster...
3/13/2004 c12 7ONEthousandWORDs
Mae Govannen.
I really want to know what the runes say. Also, I want to know what happened to evil-sliver-eyes. Not the mom who hit on Quell, but the one who is 12 only not. Where is he? It's really starting to worry me. And I think that he killed his da. Indeed I do! *nods emphatically* Also, I want to know more about his mom. Celeste is clearly part of this whole cycle god thing... but who? And... erm... yes. Update soon!
The inclusion of one of the erionionionion things was good in the last chapter. And my favorite character currently is Sticky Fingers, closely followed by Yanna... or maybe Morran... I can't decide.
My vote for the ending couples thingies are... umm... umm... mountain-nymph lady and Lothgar; Yanna and Morran, Sticky Fingers and creepy silver-eyes-undetermined age guy, and then the corpses of Ryst and Mercury. *nods* yup! That's what I want! *suspects that it won't turn out that way at all*
Update soon so that I can find out about the city and creepy silver eyes whose age is undetermined. I think that he is the one who made all the people in the temple vanish/die and unlocked all the doors and such... indeed!
May thou walk in the light of the Holy Radish and may the Penguin King smile upon thy path. Ahem.
3/13/2004 c11 ONEthousandWORDs
I like. I'll read the next chapter and tell ya more. Currently, I'm uber curious about where the little 12/a lot older person with sliver eyes got to. And whether or not he's evil. And if the loyal erionionionoion... however ya spell it... could help keep out the evil nasty ones... erm... yes. Onward!
3/13/2004 c9 ONEthousandWORDs
While there are hundreds of gems in this story (How do you DO it?) here is one of them that was close enough to the "submit Review" button for me to put in here.
"It is," agreed Lothar. There were gasps of shock; never had Lothar agreed with them before. Any of them. This was practically an historic event.
Yes. Moving on...
3/13/2004 c7 ONEthousandWORDs
I really want to know why Korangar (aka Ryst) put a curse on all these people he loves. And what did he do to make it right for him to be tormented this way? And how can the cycle be stopped? I shall read and find out.
Reads and (hopefuly) gets some of her questions answered.
Oh, also wondering if stupid-adorable Quell was the angel-brother to Korangar. NOW I will read more..
3/13/2004 c4 ONEthousandWORDs
So many questions! Some of them are: Who is Mom the real mother to? What's up with Rhystran, and is breaking that part of breaking the curse? How many people are going to end up falling in love with Mercury? What was tthe Temple like? And why is the more compasionate of the twin god-brother-beings the devil and why did he set a curse on the humans he was trying to protect?
Erm... It think that's most of them for now... Onward, ho!
3/13/2004 c2 ONEthousandWORDs
Continuing to love this. I think that I'm going to make a list of all the characters just to keep them straight in my head. The humor is munderful. I also love Quell... difinitely my fave. chara so far... Though Yanna is pretty awesome too...
Moving on!
3/13/2004 c1 ONEthousandWORDs
This is absolutely wonderful! It took me a while to figure out who everyone was, but I think its starting to make sense...
On to the next chpater!
3/4/2004 c12 3Kimpossible1979
Interesting story, in fact, it is very amusing. I wonder what is going to happen next, now that Yanna is blinded.
Overall, I feel sorry for Quell. Will he do anything "special" in this story? Although, he does sound alot like me except he is male and I am female (What a coincidence.). Can't wait until your next update.
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