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11/13/2003 c11 Roxy
great story! i luv it :) it's soo funny!
11/13/2003 c2 Eckrice
Hehe I Love it.

The only noises were occasional shouts of, "Hey, that's MINE!"

That is Awesome. I have a half cat in my book two. An entire Race.

Anywhewt I just wanted you to know that I didn't copy you. Sorry that my last review was such a peice of Crap. Keep writing.

-Eckrice of Rell

(Formerly Copperswordsman)
11/2/2003 c1 TheMasterSword
It was a great exposition, and you portrayed the characters' relationships with each other perfectly. I was a little confused by the sheer number of people introduced at once with little or no background, but I hope (and assume, because of your writing skill) that this will be cleared up and each character will be solidifed as the story progresses. Now for the rest! ^_^
10/24/2003 c2 8Torokaha
I think i'm in love...

Excellent character development, and even if the plot vaugely resembles ff9, it's still an adorable story. My favoriite character for the moment is marron, he's adorable! Can't wait to read the rest of this ^^*
10/17/2003 c1 Eckrice
Two words sum this up. Awesome stuff.
10/13/2003 c6 Shadowfax
Oh, okay. Quell isn't Doroval. That makes a lot more sense. So they keep on being reborn and reborn and reborn? Cool.
10/13/2003 c5 Shadowfax
Woah... Ryst is that "Korangar" guy? Wow... doesn't that mean Mercury has to kill him? And doesn't that mean QUELL is Domnicus or whatever his name is? Okay, I'm really confused now...
10/10/2003 c4 54Werecat99
Loved Marielka's back ground. Another player in the story, methinks. I wonder how long it will be before Mercury finds out.

So there's history between Mercury and Ryst. Nice twist. And I need to know more about that curse.

Loved your theology. Nice to see that the gods are not overperfect.

*Merow*. Well said.

A joy to read, as always.
10/8/2003 c2 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Ohh! Sewer dragon. Cool! I should like this dragon . . .i hope

sounded like Ryst, Quell thought as he ran, though he wasn't quite sure. It could have been Marron, though he rather suspected it was the mage. After all, he was loosest in his expletives, and-

Bam. He'd run smack into a wall, for Korangar's sake.

LOL. that was great! This is a great humor story.

10/8/2003 c1 Belle the Shadow-Cat
LOL! You write very well, Aethra. I can see why Oz likes you work! I like Yanna the best right now! She's awsome.

Oh, when i read Oz's 3rd chapter, i noticed your character was in it. I'll be sure to include that in Spirit Guardians when Smoke and Roranoa meet up. If there is anything special you'd like me to put in the story, just e-mail me. I'm welcome to suggestions.

10/7/2003 c11 9Magentian
Aheh. Sure. Yes, corny sums that up. But this chappie WAS much better than the last two, so you may rest easy.

Why would you blunder on a really big secret city and then FAIL TO LOOK AND SEE WHAT WAS IN IT? It makes no sense! At least send Marron. We can afford to lose Marron.

I like Quell more and more. Perhaps a change of favorites is in order. It's not bad enough he was slighted by nature, now he has to be the underdog in love, too. Kind of sad.

*hums Man of La Mancha theme, at a loss for words*

Ah, am I still here? well. Incredibly enjoyable story so far, I think I may have persuaded at least a few of my friends to read this; the humor ensnared them and the promise of raunchiness makes the attraction too strong to resist. What can I say? White Trash America thanks you much. ^_^ j/k.

Anyway, loved the story. I hope we can be expecting more from you soon!
10/7/2003 c10 Magentian
So THAT's it! Beta readers? Cheapie! *stix out tongue*

Olympus Mons is on Mars, not the moon. But I get the feeling you were aware of this.

Not much to say in this chappie. Humor continues. I rather thought the Mercury thought-process thingie in the tent was unnecessary (it didn't say anything that hadn't already been figured out), but perhaps it's just me. Aside from that and a few typos, it was pretty much your average chapter.

One more! WAUGH!
10/7/2003 c9 Magentian
Lactea. Is that like Lactose?

I think Suez killed his father. It seems to be the obvious choice. He's certainly capable. And he could have many motives. Driving Ryst out of Triton would be a good one. This may be bad. Then again, who can tell who's good or bad in here?

More giggliness. Especially the squirrels. And the wagering. I'm not even mentioning the prolonged exposure to Quell's toga, either.

Continuing... only 2 chapters to read until I'm fully caught up and THERE IS NO MORE! How horrifying...
10/6/2003 c8 Magentian
Kheheheh, this cliffhanger would be so evil... that is, if the next chapter wasn't done already. Very devious.

The raciness continues! Quell is so, so laughable. The point-and-laugh principle is vigorously applied in liberal amounts. This is a good thing.

The past of Ryst revealed, part two... not much to say on that. Save the fact that, if we do get to see him explaining sex to Merc, it's gonna be funny as hell. ^_^

Suez's name bugs me. It's a canal. Why, of all things...? One would think a god had better taste.

Aside from my petty squabbles... actually, this chapter clears things up considerably. The parentage aspect is even less confusing. I will stop this blundering review now, wipe the slobber from my chin, and go on as soon as possible to avoid actively drooling for more.
10/6/2003 c11 Esliim Karnth
Under Meteors...is...awesome.

Great mechanics. Great characters. Great plot. It's just...good(well, not so much the cussing...). I've read all that you've posted so far(eleven chapters). Yeah. Just thought I'd throw a review up there. Glad you're still updating!
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