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for Under Meteors

6/23/2003 c1 Terry
I'm voting for QUELL!
6/23/2003 c2 6Melted Crayons
wow. This is really good so far. Very good description. I like all of your characters, especially Strydda. She reminds me of someone I know.

Update ASAP! This is really interesting and I want to see where it goes.
6/22/2003 c1 2Zidane n. Puppy
Great story I like that you invented a mage languige and the sneaking up in the rafters to watch reminds me of tom and huck. i like the story and think you should continue it.
6/18/2003 c1 C.G5
uh oh, he's in trouble hehe. ^_^ can't wait to see what happens!
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