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for Bleeding Mermaids

6/26/2003 c1 80Plato's Optic Runaway
great job! i love the title; makes you think...this is very pretty...it flows well...
6/20/2003 c1 20Kirika Moonshadow
ouch. i've felt that way too, but not quite that dramatically. yours is truly the hreat of a poet. here's a poem for you, enjoy, and email me later..i think we could be good friends!

today i read, a simple poem.

of death, of vanished dreams.

today i realized this-

nothing can be joy without dispair.

so i cryed for you, i cryed for me.

and then i saw the light of a dream,

and floolwed it into the light of today.

not a dream, just the light of life and of you.
6/18/2003 c1 13Moonie
I love this poem...I think we live identical lives. I actually remember doing the "Cut here" across my wrist...my mom freaked out.

I really like this poem! ^_^; You're a very good writer...
6/18/2003 c1 1Marshmallow Vampire
Jeeze Marley, what happened to you? You wrote a suicide poem! *Amberose faints* Well this is a first... It rhymes, it's fun...and Marc is mentioned! *sweatdrops* Well sorta... Go ask Andrea, she'll tell you how anoying it is...but this what I said to her in all my reviews at her poems...

Get happy soon!

6/17/2003 c1 58Anguisette
hey pretty cool i loke it the rythme is good and i like the metaphors
6/16/2003 c1 89Lyria Shard
I love the idea behinds this, though it grieves me to know how depressed you are. Mail me if you feel deessed, i'll try and raise your spirits! I'll always be there!

Amazing poem, keep going... you're inspirational.

From, your scred, worried, yet amazed friend,

6/15/2003 c1 53Lidless Eye
Really, really good. Keep writing!
6/15/2003 c1 2Saranha de Angelo
It's sad, and it grieves me to think that you were so depressed that you wrote it, yet it is beautiful in it's own angsty way. Depressing, but I enjoy your images and sucessful conveyance of hopelessness.
6/14/2003 c1 9januaryisforever
As said before, I really like this one. ^o^ Maybe it's just me and my own style, but I like what you've done. It's cool that the actual lines still rhyme (sp?) but the syllables don't match, sort of like a song. I love this part: "For the evils are getting through,/And you march at their side." I love everything! ::jump:: I swear, I'm going to illustrate this poem (with your permission, of course... hehe)! A title suggestion: "Bleeding Mermaids"? Just a thought.


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