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10/6/2004 c1 17wishes21
i like it. =)
1/18/2004 c1 pieces
Maybe I love this so much because it's me in this, or maybe it's because I'm actually going through something like this at the moment. But I know I love it. I love the fact that it's exactly what everyone HAS to feel when they're in a deep relationship that they shouldn't be in, and I love it because there's so much depth in such a brief poem, so few lines. "let me go" was beautiful for a reason I don't have, out there at the very end as just a last plea, some sort of almost humorously blatant sign that the relationship or the entrancement or whatever it was couldn't last. Amazing job, keep writing.
11/18/2003 c1 12kalariah
Wow. Only 'wow' doesn't seem to be the right word to express what I'm feeling. As Jaclyn said, I AM that person, and it kills. It reminds me so very much of one of my friendships... I'm always scared of spilling my emotions for fear it'll damage him, but then I sit patiently and listen to him go on and on about every little difficulty in his life... I try so hard to be a perfect friend, and it's hurting me inside. But all the same, I can't let it go.
10/11/2003 c1 84Jaclyn
*falls off chair* Gah...speechless. First of all, I relate to this poem *completely*, which makes me want to cry. I just sat there reading it with my mouth open, going: my gd, I *am* this person. And I wish I wasn't.

Thank you for writing what I didn't have the courage to.

Technical POV again - I love the format, how every other line starts with I and is capped. Because then when you get to the last line, you expect it to be capped, but it isn't. It's just lying there, this single, forlorn line, and it breaks my heart.

By the way...THANKS for all those reviews! You totally made me week...I love you so much! *hugs* And it's always such a pleasure to return the favor of reviewing because you are so damn GOOD!

Thanks for the 'knowing where to break the lines' comment...I do focus on that when I write; I think it's important. And I was thinking you know it too when I read this piece.
6/16/2003 c1 15S. Jean
o i love this...its great! makes me think of a relationship i once had where i was the only thing keeping the guy from killing himself and i wanted to break up with him but couldnt because i was afraid of what he would do afterwards...
6/15/2003 c1 2Aryaveiel Skycryer
Whoa. As if that didn't exactly describe the way I feel most of the time. I love how some people tell me every secret they have without thinking how it affects me, but if I spill my guts, I'm being selfish. Oh well. Somebody has to be the listener, right?

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