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12/23/2003 c4 argentine.kid
lol that was funny. i liked it, maybe you should write a sequel or something! i especially liked the part where the HGDIDH said, "RUN FOO RUN!"
~keep writing!
~~Innocently Stalking You
12/12/2003 c1 45flowerthief
I don't read funny thingd much but this is awesome!
11/15/2003 c4 2PencilWolf
What the heck? You guys are awesome! But you killed HGIDH! Why? He was cool! I await the next chapter to laugh some more at your nonsense!Keep it coming! I laugh out loud at every paragraph!
11/13/2003 c2 52fallingquietly
yes, it's good. But I'm tired so I can't read anymore, must sleep, aargh! z
11/13/2003 c1 fallingquietly
This is much better than 2, I had hopes for two. But it seems to be going backwards?
10/20/2003 c2 1SamuraiMasterLordGuy
Same for Chap. 1 good story very good
10/20/2003 c1 SamuraiMasterLordGuy

Good story could be better but stripping?

Good Story

10/14/2003 c4 Jennadafabulous
that was really funny, I couldnt stop laughin I love the rapper guy.
9/12/2003 c4 hgdidh
This is Ben, Really love d the story, review my story to chat with me
9/3/2003 c1 altuscor

HA HA HA HA! I've got, like, the best ideas for a sequel! (sorry, i'm in a jittery state right now) Okay, does it have to be about killer rodents? If not, like, hear me out with these suggestions here.

1) Killer garden gnomes from Uranus who use emperor-penguins as ammunition for grenade launchers!

2)Try and invent an anti-gnome ritual with the use of underwear! (WTF?)

3) Maven and Claven make up their own band called "THE DICKSIE PRICKS!" (LOL)!

4) And also, the Japanese word for 'CRAP' is 'FUN' (pronounced as 'foon') It's so true! I thought you'd like to know, so u can use it to your advantage for the sequel.

I dunno? You guys can play around with the idea. Hope I helped you guys get over your 'writers-block'! A sequel would be great!



P.S: I'd also like to note that every time i'm feeling down, i always read this story to make me laugh again.
8/22/2003 c4 altuscor
Okay... that was random. (snickers)

Great story, i could never have thought of a better idea myself. I wonder how you come up with these things from out of the blue? And the anti-rodent ritual? That left me cackling in my swivel chair! And trust me, it's pretty hard to make me laugh when it comes to reading stories.

The plot was great, and the awkward situations you put the leading characters in were humourous. I can't think of anything funnier. My favourite part was the irony of a failed rodent-ridding-ritual. Hah! Anyway...would there be, by any chance, a sequel?

8/5/2003 c1 3Lady Y

First of I like the idea of killer rodents...well not real killer rodents...Blah...I like your story plot and theme and stuff. The first chapter was good. I liked the way Maven's dad was teasing him, and using references from HP, Lion King and whatnot. You did a good job!

You guys are really good at making things flow. REALLY good.

Chapter Two: Squirrel? Wow, that's just incredibly stupid. I love it! Y'know I just naturally assumed that Maven had put his clothes on. You'd think his dad would've noticed, huhn? It's good though that you take something from a previous chapter and used it.

Chapter four: Huhn. A chipmunk. What an ending. I hope there's another 'adventure' awaiting these two's arrival, if that makes any sense. I love this story. You guys did a really good job!

By the way, I read all four chapters (D'uh!). After I read each chapter I wrote something about it. So don't get too confused.


7/31/2003 c4 70Ifylla Wyvern
wow...that was random...I LOVE IT!
7/3/2003 c4 1SailorKagome
Hahahaha! This was hilarious! You should write more!
6/27/2003 c4 4crazyspongiegurl
that was hilarious you guyz have to do another...lol!
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