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for Excerpt From "The Prophecy Book of Jante Raigur"

2/4/2005 c1 59Spootasia Tomoe
interesting... i suppose you have given up on this thread of a story? i would be inclined to read the other chapters/peices, if not
12/7/2000 c1 41Willum
That seems like a long winded set up for another story. Really didn't see the point in it since no one knew about it and all.
12/6/2000 c1 11Kilroy
This is my newest story. It's taking longer than I thought to write "Alpha Hotel." This one will be part of a series. Each will be a self-contained story, but connected to the others. By the way, this isn't an excerpt from another story I may have written. This is the whole thing. Don't ask me to write "The Prophecy Book of Jante Raigur." I feel no need to write a thousand prophecies. I will write the other stories in the series, though. The next will take place 300-400 years in the future on, or in, Venus. (For you people who aren't in to astronomy, Venus is sometimes called the morning star.)

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