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9/18/2010 c3 kala
i re wrote how she got amnesia in my head so they were arguing and she kept hiting him and he pushed her back and a car hit her because i can't even think of her ending up with someone like that any guy that would lay a hand on a girl is a peice of shit.
7/19/2010 c6 2pendragone96
Why do you call it spongrob trianglepants? Did you make it up for your story or is it just different where you live...I don't mean to sound dumb or anything but I thought it was called spongebob squarepants... Um sorry for sounding stupid...just wondering why...awesome story if that makes up for it...
4/8/2010 c12 pendragone96
omg i am crying! please have a different ending. please, i am about to go to bed and i dont need to have nightmares about me finding my true love and then seeing him die a tragic death. why dont you just make hi lose his memory or something. oh im gonna be crying all night...it was a really good story and ill be waiting for the double epilouge...not to sound stalkerish or anything
10/12/2008 c11 10Badger In Disguise
I got into this story and I actually cried at the ending-but it is nice to have a change from the typical happy ending.
2/5/2008 c1 19paigeDarling
hi there, this is such a great story, it's kinda long but has all the twist and turns that it needs. i really like jarvis' character, it really brought out the best of a guy, ya know...it was sad that you killed him...but it's really okay, and jarvis dying is such a major turn at the end part of the story... i really like this story (how many times did i mention it? ...hehe) you're a great writer and i'll be reading your other stories as well...

but i do really want to congratulate you for such a great story...

Good luck to your writing career!

' the18thtearDrop'

11/8/2006 c11 6givelifeyurall
wow...the only story i've read to make me cry...good ggod work and keep on writing.
1/16/2006 c12 confusedpyroangel
This is a great story and I enjoyed reading it...and yes...you almost made me cry and want to yell when ou killed Jarvis...it's kind of fitting though...they met again through a car accident and so it only makes sence that they were torn apart that way too.
11/8/2005 c12 3WildEagle12
Hi long time no review.i have read every chapter and liked much.i now have posted three stories "Whats a demon look like" "one way through it all" and "a demon in an angels body" please read and review thanks and great stories keep writing. why did you have to kill him? love can not be taken for granet without death.
8/5/2005 c12 xbiancax
It was sad but I really liked it!
2/4/2005 c12 170redsage
beautiful. sad and tragic. beautiful, did i say it was beautiful? haha.. it was lovely.. oh i love your characters.. and dont worry.. even if you did kill Jarvis (!)... its still ok. and yes i agree, life isnt perfect so having such endings is just showing it. and the story, it was so unpredictable (well, at least for me). i was so hooked up that i didnt let go of it until i was in the very end... hehe.. it got me crying too.. it was just so powerful.. it hit me so hard.. i had this state of realization after reading it.. hehe (weird me).. just great. your great.
7/30/2004 c11 Guest
the story's ending reminded me of 'cruel intentions' its so tragic but it was also a good ending in a way she finally got to know he loved her.. i feel so weird crying at 4:40 in the morning but its so touching in a sad way
12/12/2003 c12 12FrenzyFan78
Thanks for the review... I just felt like reading another one of your fics. But i REALLY should get started on my homework.. ive been procrastinating for an hour now. Ciao!
11/28/2003 c12 11DisasterousLetdown
OMG! That was so sad, you are and evil human being. All in all I really liked your story and Jarvis was my favorite character too. I really liked the story though, great work!
10/7/2003 c1 Write Me Thrilled
oo the intrigue
9/21/2003 c12 Cheese and DG
I love stories that have people who die in the end. It's the tragedy love thing that always gets me every time. Nevertheless, that story was AWESOME! It was sad, happy, depressing, amazing...i could go on and on, but i won't. Great story. Even better ending.

RoCk On*~
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