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for Black Sunshine

4/24/2004 c1 64not sure yet
interesting, i like it though, has a very good flow to it and has an odd sad yet not feel to it, muchly nice, excellent job
6/29/2003 c1 89Stoffpferd
Wow...was kann man anderes dazu sagen als Wow, wow und nochmals wow? (ich glaub ich hör mich wie n hund an...mmh) Wirklich irre gut geschrieben, Respekt!

6/17/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
Hey, das ist toll. Richtig cool! Meine Lieblingszeilen sind:

"Until the sun came and destroyed her mind

Until the sun succeeded and took her soul"

Einfach genial!

cio, hoellenwauwau
6/17/2003 c1 14Rue no Hime
that's cool! i like it!
6/17/2003 c1 22Asmodeus Sanity
pretty good, but a lil repetative... u could fix the rhythms by maybe using 'til as opposed to until (example: Until the sun succeeded and took her soul)

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