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for Jared and Iris

4/4/2006 c4 14CK Shorty
So far I really like this story. It's funny for one, but it sounds realistic and few can pull it off. You did good (: I love this story. And the chapters.

3/24/2006 c20 cpd3
Very cute story. Good characters with unexpected twists. I liked the ending; short but sweet.
9/29/2005 c19 7MorwenSteelsheen
I am really impressed with this story. I amazed how real and authentic it sounds. I am really looking forward to your next piece of writing.
8/22/2005 c20 6Renzie
Wow! Awesome! This story really reminds me of "Good Grief" by Lolly Winston. It's a SUPERB story, much like your own in that sense. I strongly suggest you go purchase that book! I couldn't stop reading. It was amazing ^^

This is too, by the way. Love the storyline! I liked how to chapters were short. They were like mini adventures! I'm off to read the sequel!

3 Congrats for all of your accomplishments,

8/22/2005 c9 Renzie
Hahaha xD I loved the questions! So funny! I'll continue reading this now.
8/22/2005 c1 Renzie
;-; AW! I hate workaholics. My parents are both work-robots. In fact, it's one in the morning and I'm home alone. Anyway, enough about me. I MUST READ THE NEXT CHAPTERS! But like I said...it's one in the morning ^^' I WILL get back to this one :3
7/8/2005 c4 2MarielleRay
hey, i like the story so far.but you havent really given the characters any description.
1/2/2005 c20 1cariluv
Very nice. It's about time I stumbled upon a good story on this website. :)
9/7/2004 c20 19romanticidiot
Very cool! =D
Lizzy :D
8/20/2004 c20 Disgruntled Pen
That was so good. I couldn't move myself to do anything until I finished this. I liked it a lot. And now, since I've completed it, I'm off to bed. Well done!
8/10/2004 c20 13Twizzlers
Wow, that was excellent. I just read the whole thing straight through while I'm supossed to be reading mythology for school, and I'm a little sad that I didn't catch it earlier because now it's finished. But that's okay because it really was good and very well written and as long as you're writing a sequel, it's okay. So, very good job and I think I'm going to go read the sequel now. Twizz
6/2/2004 c19 hjgtfdchjmjh
Oh god this seems so real and much more intense than the usual love stories on FictionPress. Real is the key word here, I think. The way these two are in love makes me think of the way I'm in love. I can actually remember feeling and doing some of these things. Freaky...
5/16/2004 c20 156ShadowPharoh
what a cute ending!
P.S. thanks for the review. i enjoyed reading your story alot!
5/16/2004 c19 ShadowPharoh
cool. i learnt something about native americans!
5/16/2004 c18 ShadowPharoh
aw. . . .how adorable. a cutsy lovey-dovey moment!
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