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for Jared and Iris

5/16/2004 c17 156ShadowPharoh
yea, i guess that is funny. lol. can anyone imaging having a milionare walk into a club and ask for a lapdance? O_O
5/16/2004 c16 ShadowPharoh
nice. nice. nice. i like this story alot!
5/15/2004 c15 ShadowPharoh
roy's so kool. i thought he'd be angry!
5/15/2004 c14 ShadowPharoh
that is so cutsy and romantic. YEAH!
5/15/2004 c13 ShadowPharoh
great story!
5/15/2004 c12 ShadowPharoh
nice! i love it when they find out. . .
5/15/2004 c11 ShadowPharoh
what a sweet and romantic relationship!
5/15/2004 c10 ShadowPharoh
more kudos for jared!
5/15/2004 c9 ShadowPharoh
I haop she picks Jared, i know i would! lol.!
5/15/2004 c8 ShadowPharoh
two minor errors, but i get the point. i totally dig this story, yo!
5/15/2004 c7 ShadowPharoh
that's so sad? if he never made her feel beautiful, sexy, or wanted, why would she marry him?
5/15/2004 c6 ShadowPharoh
oh, she cheated on scott, yea!
5/15/2004 c5 ShadowPharoh
5/15/2004 c4 ShadowPharoh
^_^ good plot!
5/15/2004 c3 ShadowPharoh
really? christmas season has a high rate of suicide? that's so cool!
thx. for the info. . .
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