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5/15/2004 c2 156ShadowPharoh
5/15/2004 c1 ShadowPharoh
very nice!
2/26/2004 c10 2BarbwireNRoses
Amazing writing, your work is very mature. Your grammar and spelling is good so it doesn't distract from your writing and your characters are convincingly flawed...making them jump off of the page..er...screen at you. These are people we've all met. Bravo.
2/1/2004 c20 11lamentation
Wow, this story is great! I was planning to go to sleep, but this story just got me hooked.. so of course.. i have to read the sequel..
1/1/2004 c20 POAS
Oh, wow. Beautiful and true to life. *tear* I love it. I'm off to read the sequel.
11/30/2003 c20 4markmark261
I checked this out, just because I really like your fan fiction, and, I have to say, I really enjoyed it (despite the fact I've never read a romance before in my life). Incredibly readable stuff and a lot of fun.
11/17/2003 c2 fire-fem
Sounds good so far!
9/10/2003 c20 delaris
You ROCK! You rock you rock you rock you RULE! *hugs* Don't you DARE stop updating the sequel!
7/15/2003 c20 9Midnight Strike
Phew. I thought that was the end, and that would be sad.
7/14/2003 c20 3SarahBarah
Woah... I'm amazed... see I was just surfin' the net, looking at some stories, and I saw this one and thought, 'hey, this looks interesting' so I stopped and read it for the last 3-4 hrs, totally hooked. Now that it's over, I think I will cry... ;.; Oh, but this was the most wonderful story! You could SO sell this story to a publisher and make a whole lot of mulah! You rock! I loved it! LOVED IT! YOU HEAR ME? WRITE MORE DAMMIT! OR ELSE I'LL... uh... well... I haven't thought about that yet but... just write! Sayonara!


- Sarah Barah a.k.a. The Insane One
7/14/2003 c20 knottaclue
I think I'm jealous of Iris. Loved the ending! A VERY satisfying 20 chapters. Am happily anticipating further insights into the lives of Jared and Iris. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us!
7/14/2003 c20 10starsprinkles9604
Very very nice story. It seems a lot more like real life romance than the other fairy tale stuff that's written. Very very nice.

Peace love and skittles
7/13/2003 c20 Starbrat
Yeah, it was nice.
7/13/2003 c20 Ashlita
Aw, it's over! Well, post the next part soon. Adios, for now.

7/13/2003 c20 Jillybean
Oh how could things possibly get more insane *innocent baby face*?

Great ending - you worked it out on your own as well. kudos. I loved God's reply - very good.

Well you know I loved it so I'll take a quick moment to plug and say I posted a new chap of Beyond the Shadow - can't miss these advertising moments ;)
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