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for Jared and Iris

7/13/2003 c20 10Socially Inept Kitchen Boy
Aw. I don't normally say "aw" in reviews, but I think that chapter deserved one.

That was a perfect ending. It kind of pulled it all together in a way. I loved it.
7/12/2003 c19 Jillybean

With extra aw
7/10/2003 c19 9Midnight Strike
Aww! Jared is adorable in that scruffy guy kind of way. I like how he doesn't just follow her around everywhere like most other stories, and that his reaction is realistic.
7/9/2003 c19 Lyssa
Aw..Jared's such a sweetie.
7/9/2003 c19 10Socially Inept Kitchen Boy
I'm in love with this story. It's so bittersweet. And you write it so well that you can't dislike any of the characters. You feel for every one of them.

And Jared just seems so precious.

I can't wait for more.
7/9/2003 c19 6mercy templar
how touching... i liked that chapter alot please update again soon
7/9/2003 c19 ashes
just ONE word: AW!

check trent/lauren later tonite... :)

aww aw wawa haha this is great... more, puhleeze?
7/9/2003 c19 Knottaclue
Oh Lord woman! You really know how to pull the emotional strings. One chapter and our hearts ache with loss for one man and the next we're oozing with compassion for this other 'frightened' man. Awesome couple of chapters!
7/8/2003 c18 9bethe1tosay
how depressing is this story!
7/7/2003 c18 Starbrat
Yeah, that *does* seem a bit more realistic that the ex-boyfriend-going-crazy-stalker storyline. Besides, the stalker bit is overused.
7/7/2003 c18 25midzen
EE! Good story! Is it done? I kinda feel sorry for Scott...but Jared seems so very very nice and .. well...just sweet. Great story. I love your style.
7/7/2003 c18 Jillybean
Life's never easy, it it?
7/6/2003 c18 10Socially Inept Kitchen Boy
When I log onto Fictionpress what should I find? Two more chapters to one of my favorite stories! Heh. The interaction between Jared and Iris is perfect. It's sort of like that yin yang thing, isn't it? They're opposite but they fit together so perfect it's hard to imagine them seperate.

Forgive the rambling, it's 12AM and I really shouldn't review that late. Heh.

But I really adore this story. I'm always checking to see when it's being updated.
7/6/2003 c18 14Ashley the Fair
I feel kinda sorry for Scott. Please update soon.

7/6/2003 c18 9Midnight Strike
For the warning in your summary, this is still a really cute story. Especially the heart jumping part. I like how your writing style is laid back and doesn't take itself too seriously, and the romance isn't gag me with a spoon fluff and flowers (although that can be good sometimes too). Can't wait til your next update.
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