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for Jared and Iris

6/21/2003 c10 9bethe1tosay
AH! YAY! Haha I'm reviewing before I read - Last review: I want more, and I get it two minutes later. I lovve yew now. ;-)
6/21/2003 c9 bethe1tosay
I've been smiling through al the chapters. Next one, please?

Ah, the last part mad me stop smiling - sad. But, we'll see... Jared keeps sounds better and better than Scott, hm.
6/21/2003 c5 bethe1tosay
Jared sounds amazingly hot. I wanna hit that.

Great chapter - the 'bate conversation, my favorite. Those situations are beyond hilarious. In fact - Tim and Marco sound like surfers - I could hit THAT.
6/21/2003 c4 bethe1tosay
Ew, Claudine sounds like more than a bitch. I feel bad for Iris - having to spend the day with her... rather, been ignored all day... and then offended. If I were Iris, I would have broken it off with Scott... obviously, he and Claudine were meant for each other - bitchy couple.

Great writing - I'm zooming through the chaps, drinking it al in. They're awesome. :-D
6/18/2003 c6 Starbrat
OOh, how wicked. But with a fiance like that, I suppose a few flings can be expected.
6/18/2003 c6 Jillybean
I love it so much - you know I do.

*) The style's really good, it goes very well. It's like a conversation (albeit one sided) and I think you worked it all in very well. I'm sure there's a word for that.

*) Jared's transformation in your perception of him was smooth even though in reality there wasn't a lot of description about it.

*) Your stolen night is so illicit - so vivid - so exciting! I'm all girly and giggly over here! I can't pin point how you did it but the atmosphere is just right

*) Jared is so cool and sexy - very intriguing. Whether you did this for flair or not - I have to love it. If ever you wanna disgust B & J later in life you can make 'em read this ;)

*) On a personal note, me and my friends have just dealt with a totally over possessive person who forbade us from ever talking to her boyfriend. I don't think you're like that - though I know what it's like. Sometimes you wonder if you're just being like the bitches you know exist. Are we one of those bitches? We'll never know. ;)

Anyway - Claudine couldn't do any of these things herself? I'm holding a little grudge for her.


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